>I had a nice breakfast today………


It was at a very nice, old establishment in South Mumbai. Very nice tea and yummy sandwhich. Just before office and the mad rush to earn the daily bread began.

Since I had been dragged out of home at an outrageously unearthly hour ( early morning meeting of husband ) without a morsel to eat, and had unceremoniously been dumped in front of aforesaid coffee shop, where was the choice? Food beckoned my indignant heart, and stomach, and I had to eat.

But the food is not my point. The point is I had it alone.

Sometime back, I caught an episode of Sex and the City devoted to how the lead character could not go out for a meal by herself without hiding behind a book….. I don’t know how much of a benchmark S and the C is or how typical it is of the day to day life of a young woman in India, even in the metros, but I’m assuming that somewhere there are similarities, at least in the feelings and the emotions. That bit I think is common all over the world.

So then, apparently, it is a bit of an uncomfortable situation for most women. Being out alone. You need the crutch of another person or, as in her case, a book. I asked a few women today at work. Most said they would not really dress up and go out – alone.

I, on the other hand, quite enjoy it. A movie, a play or even dinner. I have never let go of a play I wanted to watch for lack of finding people to go with. I once walked into a very fancy place in Bandra, all dressed up, and asked for a table for one. I couldn’t help it. Hubby was traveling and I really, honestly just wanted to be by myself. So this guy at the door gave me a very annoyed look. He had tons of people waiting and here was this woman wanting to hog a table by herself. Later one of the hostesses actually came up to me to ask why I was alone!?

The point is to be able to enjoy, let your hair down, and do what you want to do not because hubby is not in town/friends are not available etc etc. but because YOU WANT TO. Trust me no one cares if you’re alone sitting at a table enjoying a steak. No one pities you. A lot of them will admire you though.

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3 Responses to >I had a nice breakfast today………

  1. Iya says:

    >i am not a great fan of eating alone not because i worry about what people will say or think but because i like being with people…but yes once in a while when i do stuff by myself i do enjoy…

  2. Daniel says:

    >Hey, we guys face the same problem in fancy restaurants. These places like to see groups of people, or at least 2. The smaller establishments don’t really care if you’re alone, but, being generally seedy, are more for guys than girls. For example, a guy can sit alone with beer/nuts at Yacht’s in Bandra, but a girl probably wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time there alone.

  3. fashiongal says:

    >I agree with u.. I live alone in Miami.. and have been to many places by self.. it is fun and u donot have to wait for someone.. or change your heart's desire becaz of someone.

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