>Missing Delhi


I’ve been cranky all week.

It could be the viral. Yes, it has struck the Singh household! First the husband, and now, me. A 21 yr old co worker thinks that most romantic!

Or it could be….no it can’t ….or is it……..

“You’re missing Delhi”, says hubby, bluntly.

Oh all right. I’ve been avoiding admitting it to myself, and him and all friends, but it is true. I do miss Delhi.

I’ve been in Mumbai for exactly 5 months, give or take a few days. And a very exciting 5 months too. In fact, I love it here.

When the offer to move to Mumbai materialized, I was determined to like the city, no matter what, because I realized how important it was for him to move here. And, honestly, I didn’t have to try very hard. It was very easy to fall for the city. The minute you get off the flight – and especially if you land at night – the lights, the energy, the life…..it sucks you right in

BUT it’s October. It’s nearing Diwali. It’s the bestest time in Delhi. I love the way the sun becomes mellower with each passing day. Another 15 days and there will actually be a nip in the air. Leading up to a full blown, warm sweater, muffler in the neck, eyes stinging because of the chilly wind winter. Ooooh, I love it. Mom makes endless sarson ka saag. And there are these lovely Diwali fairs. My favourite is the Blind School Diwali Mela. You get lovely candles, decorative stuff for home, jewellery….. Every year, it’s a ritual, I have bought a lamp from the fair. And I’m going to miss it this time. Oh dear! I feel the sniffles coming on.

It’s the time to entertain friends around bonfires, or tandoors, carry mithai to people’s places to wish them and play cards all night long. It’s also the time to string your balconies with warm, very pretty lights and diyas.( I have checked out my Mumbai apartment for place to put my diyas and have come to the morose conclusion that I’ll have to give the whole experience a bye this time).

I guess I’m also disappointed with the fact that I’m not around to enjoy the infrastructural growth that Delhi has to offer now. The last 6-7 years have seen Delhi spruce up it’s roads, build a world class metro, dot the landscape with amazing flyovers and offer it’s residents a huge feel good factor. While I appreciate the Mumbai attitude of snoblessness ( is there such a word?!) when it comes to cars and other material goods I sometimes wonder if that isn’t simply because there is no time or space to enjoy them. Why would you buy a car that goes from 0 to 60 in 20 secs when you don’t have the roads to support that kind of technology.

Anyway. I will, I think, make a quick trip to Delhi SOON. Mom, dad, sis, doggy are all there. The saag is waiting. The air is crisp and inviting and I’m feeling positively miserable now!!!!

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2 Responses to >Missing Delhi

  1. Iya says:

    >Uprooting oneself is not an easy task and you are a brave girl at that.. i am sure u’ll feel much more at home even in Mumbai as time passes…

  2. gul says:

    >awwww… awwwww 😦 I miss Delhi so so much!!! i personally blv its the best plc in india :)jus cant wait to get thr, to be at home n yup to eat all that indian fooooood!!! oh god!!!

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