>Food/Restaurant Reviews


Some of you reading this will be natives of Mumbai and some of you , like me , will be new to this crazy, mad city.

For those of you who are new here, and are still grappling with the shocking house rentals, even more shocking state of traffic…….there is hope, atleast if you’re a foodie. There are lots of really wow places to eat at. I’m a foodie and in the past 6 months I’ve sampled practically all that the city has to offer. So I will proceed to chronicle my experiences in the benefit of general mankind. Err, since no one is paying me to do this, I obviously cannot list out some 8-10 items from the menu and write profusely on them. However, the review will provide you location, ph nos, and a general idea of what the food/ambience etc is like.

These will be chronicled under the label MUMBAI RESTAURANT REVIEWS.

For the natives this can merely be, perhaps, an interesting read.

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  1. Rush says:

    >where r the reviews?

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