>When you travel, darling

>I can have Maggi for lunch and Maggi for dinner
I can sleep without being pushed to one corner
I can apply nail polish without having to hear, “yuck, red?”
I can let clothes pile up on your side of the bed

I can try two outfits and dress up for work at ease
Without constantly listening to, “Can you hurry up, please?”
I have a loo to myself, sweet smelling and DRY
I can watch reruns all night of Ross breaking up with Rachel and cry

I am not subjected to conditions of the international financial markets
I can go to a mall and window shop for stuff other than squash racquets
I don’t have to deal with dirty gym socks every morning
May I please know when your next trip is darling?

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10 Responses to >When you travel, darling

  1. Iya says:

    >Grin Grin !!! but i still miss him when he travels..

  2. Mumbai Diva says:

    >To Iya: Sigh! I know, I miss him too.

  3. >What an absolutely enjoyable post! I know the feeling – sometimes :)Corinne

  4. Vidya Sury says:


  5. Aneela Z says:

    >Yeaaah, I hear ya!! Also no listening to “phir internet par ho”.

  6. Mumbai Diva says:

    >corinne – hey thanks. accusations of looking for fame at hapless hubby’s expense have been hurled from hapless hubby though!vidya : oh dear, did i sound that catty!aneela z: such is life!nosinned : Thank you

  7. Razigan says:

    >Cooooooool!!!!!!, I will check this aspect with my wife…….But how the toilet smell sweet? Do u eat so much of Sugar?ha ha ha ……………I’ve a doubt: Ur profile says that got shited to mumbai recently from Delhi. Then how come u become “Mumbai Diva”? There are so many mumbai divas already here……

  8. Mumbai Diva says:

    >razigan: the name has no explanation. It’s just the way I feel.

  9. Ramit says:

    >Oh my God! Thats' exactly ditto my wife!Is it a women's thing or what?

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