>I have been on a holiday. 2 weeks of glorious departure from the ho hum life.

Firstly, of course, there was Diwali.

Diwali was enchanting. It was naturally, preceded by wild card parties. ( For the uninitiated, cards refers to Flash or teen patti, played religiously in Delhi and am sure some other bits of the country as well, during Diwali. It’s considered auspicious to play this. Personally, am a little skeptical of the auspicious bit!)

We were delighted to discover that the gang in Mumbai was equally receptive to this complete loose character type time pass and so every night, for the entire week preceding Diwali, 6-8 of us would sit, with stashes of money in front of us. Err ok, some few Re 10 notes in front of us …. all set for some earnest gambling, what with dimmed lights, cigarette smoke, beer bottles nonchalantly dotting the landscape and the, err, stashes of money.

Key learning of the week:

I realized I’m a terrible loser. Firstly, I suffer from an inexplicable and most ridiculous superstition. Every Diwali, I feel, my fate at cards is reflective of my financial gains/losses in the coming year. Yes, you needn’t curl your lip in disgust. I’m admitting it’s ridiculous. And stupid. And illogical. But it’s there. So, automatically, for me the game assumes very sinister proportions!!
Hence, if I’m losing, I get all cranky and ill tempered and generally behave very badly.

On Diwali, self and hubby, on advice of some kindly “I love Mumbai and want you to experience all unique things about it” type person, took off to marine drive at 10 pm on diwali night and were witness to the maddest of mayhems. Atleast 50000 people. Crackers under our feet. The most awesome of fire cracker shows and a traffic jam. All of the above co existed peacefully on that tiny stretch!

And then, post Diwali, one smartly took a week of annual vacation and toodled off to Delhi to visit parents, friends and doggy. A one day trip to one’s favourite place in the world- The Golden Temple in Amritsar and a 2-day trip to Mcleodganj was also stuffed in.

In effect, the two weeks of these indulgences have resulted in a weight gain of nearly 3 kgs and complete disorientation for two days at office ( “Oh, you still work here” seems to be the general comment on spotting one).

Heartbreaking moment:

6 am in the morning. Stuffing bags in taxi. Only thoughts of which God to pray to for not missing flight. All charged up to get back home and to work. Looking up to wave hurried goodbye. And catching three wistful faces, father, mother and doggy; forlornly standing in the balcony.

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6 Responses to >Holiday!!

  1. >ah sounds like a fun time to be had. i want a holiday too

  2. Mumbai Diva says:

    >cynic in wonderland- yes, it was fun. It’s over now. Sigh!

  3. Iya says:

    >i want to go home too…And yes Golden Temple is one of my favs place too.. had written about it: http://thewhiterain.blogspot.com/2007/11/golden-temple-harmandir-sahib.html

  4. Vinita says:

    >Who is this “I love Mumbai….” person?:P

  5. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Iya: I know. The peace I find at The Golden Temple is unparalelled. I go there every year.Vinita: My lips are sealed…..!!!!

  6. Razigan says:

    >I always feel jealous, when somebody speaks about holidays. Nowadays It has become such a precious thing for our life.I do play cards wildly……. Nothing wrong with that. Actually, U r gifted to have ur group of freinds in a relaxed mood to play. That is what is precious and that is what it is meant to be.

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