>Guest Post by ………..Hubby

>He wrote this today morning and very endearingly showed it to me. I have no choice but to post it and even though I think there is a hint in there somewhere, I’m going to pretend I haven’t noticed.
Thursday 9 am
Wife: “What are we doing this weekend?”
Self: Blank look. “ It’s Thursday today!”
Wife: Ya, I know. But let’s plan now. Let’s do something different.
Self: Beginning to look hunted. “ Different?”
Wife: vehemently “Yes. Let’s do something nice!”
Self : Driving faster. Need to deposit wife in front of her office ASAP.
Wife: Happily. “ You know we could meet up with the Tiwaris. We haven’t met them for a while. Or let’s go to Lonavala. We’ve not been there yet.” Distinctly warming up to topic now “ Or you know ……………
Self (thought process) – Oh no – not again — lemme focus on what needs to be done first thing in office – meet up with 3 banks – close the discussion with another one
Wife: have you seen the latest pictures of Lavasa that I mailed you
Self :Huh !! – yes – but we will talk about it later – Groan!! – OK — I need to think up something for the week end warna mein to gaya — so what can it be – dinner ( we have it everytime ) movie – sounds good –but no good movies on currently — SHOPPING !!! – yes let me broach this – “Honey, why don’t we go to bandra and shop ?”
Wifey – So sweet – lets do that and then we can have dinner somewhere – suggest no
Self (thought process) : Yes – one problem solved – dinner will be a piece of cake – “OK lets go to china town ,will have Chinese “
Wife: NO we just went there
Self: OK we will go to candies or Just around the Corner – snack it out
Wife: NO we went there last week and anyways I am not keen on having any salads
Self: OK lets go to Basilica
Wife: God conti – that’s where we went 3 days back
Self: ah! what about Moti mahal ?
Wife: Are you nuts – can you not suggest a better place?
Self ( though process) – Is there any cuisine that I have missed out – continental takes care of all countries in Europe/ N. America – Chinese— all countries in asia – OK mostly ones who have flat faced people – Moti Mahal, Indian – Arre, this takes care of what 5.5 billion of the total 6 billion people on the planet eat – who is left – Africa – err – is there any African joint in bandra ?? “OK you suggest”
Wife – No – this time it’s your turn – you think of something!
Self– sigh – OK !

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6 Responses to >Guest Post by ………..Hubby

  1. Razigan says:

    >Nice one….. though typical to an extent…I’m also looking for a different cuisine where my wife is not getting bored.Tell ur hubby to inform me, if he gets one…..ha ha ha…….Oh, I couldn’t grasp the hint…. If u don’t want to publish as comment send to my email ID……. razigan@rediffmail.com.

  2. Mumbai Diva says:

    >razigan: i think he’s still searching…..

  3. Meira says:

    >hahaha :Doh …Just around the Corner is a restaurant too ? Swell!Thanks for visiting 🙂

  4. Mumbai Diva says:

    >meira 🙂 yes a very nice salad/pizza kind of place

  5. gul says:

    >hehehehe… i literally laughed out loud!! n m still smiling :)well, this happens to us all the time, whneva we plan to eat out (which is more often than not).. my poor husband keeps suggestin n i keep rejectin… lol.. till he gets mad n says we ll go whreva u want!!! n m like.. no u temme some gud plc na!!! 🙂

  6. Ramit says:

    >Oh well. That's every hubby's nightmare! You guys should try some food courts sometimes, you know, for the variety. That's what we do, and so far, I havent ended up sleeping on the couch. So I guess so far, so good.Oh, I just remembered, there's no couch in my house !!!

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