>Comforting is……

>the feel of mom’s hand on an aching head
to hear “I understand” from a girlfriend after a bout of unexplained tears
to lie down on fresh bed sheets after a long day
to get the sms “ your salary has been credited “ on the 1st of every month
to get out of high heels after a tiring day
to sit down for lunch at 4.00 pm after a crazy, mad but successful meeting
Dad calling to figure out if I’m taking my medicines on time
to see an image of the Golden Temple on my laptop every morning
to hear my doggy’s bark over the phone from Delhi
to fit into a size M again
to come back home after a holiday, however nice it may have been.
to shop
to have Laxmi, my woman Friday
a hot cup of tea on a wet, rainy day
to have all home appliances in working condition at all times
to feel hubby’s arm on me every night before going to sleep

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5 Responses to >Comforting is……

  1. Kohl Girl says:

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  2. >hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. gave me a chance to find yours. i resonate with you on so many of those points. esp the coming home bit…after a holiday, after a night out. home is home.

  3. Razigan says:

    >great, I don’t about the rest but my wife had confessed the last one to me………

  4. gul says:

    >wow! i mus say, a beautiful post :)the moment i read the first line, a felt a lump in my throat… the thot of my mom made me almost cry out!! (no m not tht emotional, jus tht havn seen my mom is last 7 months now!)i simply loved each of your posts :)spent my day readin your whole blog!!your posts r so honest, to the point n meaningful 🙂 you made my day!!

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