>When does this end?


It’s begun to seem surreal. The mind has gone numb watching television. But I can’t seem to tear myself away from it. The need to know what happens next is critical. It seems like a long, unending, terrifying reality show……..

The chief minister has just strolled in …after 39 hours of the siege. There is no sense of urgency on his face or in his walk….. “This is an attack on the nation and not just Maharashtra”- and there, he just washed his hands off the responsibility of this bloody mess.

I have been hugely impressed with the coverage by certain news channels. I think Times Now, with Arnab Goswami at the helm of affairs, has been able to put together excellent coverage. It was extremely well co ordinated between the various sites of the siege. Some, on the other hand, were extremely shallow and irresponsible. India TV for instance. To put a call on claiming it to be the terrorist…really!!No coverage, only sensationalism.

But one thing is very clear. It has been a very well planned attack. These guys knew the layouts of the hotels. They’ve lasted so many hours. More disturbingly, they had the arms to last them for so many hours. Does this mean that these arms were smuggled in beforehand? Yes in fact it has just been confirmed that they were. It’s been more than 12 hours that we heard that there is one lone injured militant inside TAJ. He still hasn’t been cornered. Who are these people? Are they more inside?
40 hours? 20 militants?

But for once we did not negotiate. We took a stand against terror. I salute that.

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5 Responses to >When does this end?

  1. >All of us want answers. But, accountability is hard to come by in this country…Here’s my take on the event:http://naveenbachwani.wordpress.com/2008/11/28/collateral-damage/Naveen Bachwani

  2. >i wonder at the scale of operation too…3 days is a long time for holding seige. this will stay for a while in people’s mind. it does not seem to get out of mine.

  3. Mumbai Diva says:

    >naveen: I know but we can make the effortjust call me A: the post mortem will begin and so will the blame game now.

  4. The Nomad says:

    >Its already started, the politicking overshadowing the actions to be taken. Its sad to come across people you would like to know in such times.

  5. Mumbai Diva says:

    >the nomad: I know what you mean…….Our politicians will never be able to rise beyond their pettiness. I’m only hoping that in their fear of public outcry some good work will happen. I believe, the process for a decentralised NSG unit has already started. But it’s sad that an event of this magnitude had to take place for this to happen

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