>It’s over, they say


Yes, with that most graphic image of a terrorist’s body falling out of the window, the 62 hour siege ended. The siege did. The terror did not. And I sincerely hope the anger won’t.

But the political circus…ah that, dear friends, has just begun.

Heads are rolling. As they should. But my point is, they will be replaced by other heads. Others equally callous. Equally insensitive. Equally unqualified for the job. Today the country is baying for blood. Tomorrow the country will have client deadlines, road rage, children’s school admission problems, EMI issues…..what then?

Even today, I came to office after 4 days of watching the events unfold on television. 4 days of extreme anger, 4 days of planning agendas for starting movements. It’s 7.30 p.m. and not once have I had the time to think about my simmering anger. It’s there, somewhere, but in the background. I’m scared that it will recede further. I cannot let that happen.

We need to have an action plan. We need to channelize this anger. We need to convert it into a cold, constant movement.

We need to ask for fundamental changes. Educational qualifications for the politicians, public knowledge of spending by a govt body. Constant questions by known voices. Shobha De and Suhel Seth. Your speeches and writings are very inspiring but they need to continue, constantly questioning. We would like to see your presence on pages apart from page 3. The press has to constantly be responsible. Three days later, once all TRPs have been squeezed, if a model were to walk the ramp and her top were to fall off, what would be the headlines? I wonder.

I’m not being cynical. I’m warning you. Slowly, the world will move on. This will happen. And hence it is important for all of us to be prepared. Prepared to devote a small part of us for the fight. Because after all client deadlines, children’s admissions are important to only those who are alive. Not to those caught by a militant’s bullet.

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8 Responses to >It’s over, they say

  1. >Its Over They Say Till another Terrorist into the heart finds his way politicians once again have a field day Take Care We have to stand together

  2. Razigan says:

    >This will happen. People will forget. May be some of our army, NSG and police take some corrective actions, but for India to change, It has to take it’s course.

  3. Deeps says:

    >I hope the proposal of opening up new NSG units in different parts of the country does not remain just a proposal,but an implementation. And the political circus was always there in some form or the other isnt it,mumbaidiva:)

  4. Mumbai Diva says:

    >photographerno1: i agreerazigan:important to be a part of the change rather than just a bystanderdeeps: i know. sad that it had to take a carnage like this for people to sit up and demand an end to this.

  5. Serendipity says:

    >”Three days later, once all TRPs have been squeezed, if a model were to walk the ramp and her top were to fall off, what would be the headlines? I wonder.”My thoughts exactly..Yesterday our Madam President visited both hotels, the house of Mr. Karkare and everyone else, to add to traffic mayhem in South Mumbai. What do I even say.

  6. DeeplyDip says:

    >hi my first time here…very well put – things will eventually fade out and we will get too busy with our lives to focus on this…just like the past…as they say, public memory is short and that’s what the politicians are banking on…after a few days everything will die dow and it will be business as usual for them…I seriously hope this incident was a turning point and things will start to change somehow…

  7. Mumbai Diva says:

    >DeeplyDip: Thanks for visiting :)I’m sincerely hoping for a change. But honestly I am so drained by everything that has happened that I want to move on……sad but true.

  8. An Indian says:

    >Ah… Need of the hour!Stand up please! Solutions are on the way!As for the politician go and the need of the hour, I have come up with some interesting theories… please do read and let me know!Thanks,An Indian.http://nationwithoutpeople.blogspot.com/2008/12/new-nation-awaits-are-we-ready.html

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