>Gateway of India, 3rd December, 6.45 p.m.


It was an SMS that started it. An SMS which encouraged Mumbaikars to collect at Gateway of India, today at 6.00 pm. It was picked up by the media and soon every radio station and newspaper in Mumbai was urging the residents to show their protest and non cooperation by collecting in front of the TAJ.

Practically all of us from office walked it there. There were some dissenting voices – how is this going to help? they said. I think it was about doing something. I think it was about a form of communication to the leaders that if we want to, we can come together as a collective force.

However after I reached there , I must reveal that I had very mixed feelings. While it was very heartening to see so many people, and very clearly from all stratas and walks of life, I was very demoralized by the complete chaos. There were too many different voices and the voices were not coming together as one. More importantly, I was disturbed by the angry cries against a neighbouring country. I did not agree with some of the voices that I heard there.

I don’t want a war against Pakistan. I want a better India.
I want an India which is free from corruption.
I want an India which has a vision.
I want an India that is able to build infra structure at speeds that can match up with the growing economy.
I want an India where the financial capital travels to work in super fast, efficient, air conditioned local metros.
I want an India where each citizen gets the quality of living his hard work deserves.

I want an India which is free from the fear of Mayawati becoming Prime Minister.
I want an India where decisions are not based on personal benefits, caste /creed differentiations.
I want an India which has leaders I can look up to.
I want an India which is forward looking and well planned for the future.
I want an India where some babu is not able to siphon off funds meant for free schools for the underprivileged.
I want an India that Europe travels to for holidays.
I want an India that is safe.

That, Mr Politician, is some of my wish list. And that is what I hope India is asking for. Once we have educated, forward looking, relatively(!) uncorrupt leaders, the rest will all fall into place.

This is the time to revolutionize and make Mumbai into a world class city. This is the time to revolutionize and make India into a strong, powerful nation that no one can mess with.

Each of us needs to pick one cause, one fight. Mine is RTI. What’s yours?

This blogger is drained. The last few days have left an indelible mark. Combined with terrible, terrible work pressure, I think I’m at breaking point. I badly need some cheer in my life right now. I think I will dive into a pile of PG Wodehouse over the weekend. And right now, I’m going to get some sleep. It’s been a long day, and a very disturbing week.

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13 Responses to >Gateway of India, 3rd December, 6.45 p.m.

  1. Meira says:

    >Imagine what a march outside Parliament would achieve! It ought to make the ministers sit up and take notice !And take care 🙂

  2. Guru says:

    >Thanks to all Indian, who were there……….. I missed it….. Just think for 2Min before voting to any body, other wise you will see Basteds like Mayawathi, Sonia Gandi, Lalu Prasad yadav, will come and sit in Parliament….. We need leaders like Subash Chandra bose, Chandrashekar Azad, Bhagath Sing, Abdul kalam……….

  3. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Meira:Thank You.Writing for Crows: I know. It all boils down to the leaders!Guru: Selfless, uncorrupt leaders

  4. Serendipity says:

    >I completely agree with what youve written.Somwhere I see it dying down, The Taj vigil is over, now what?we need ONE UNIFIED voice that stays FIRM and ANGRY and DETERMINED — till this is resovled (if it ever will be)

  5. kiran says:

    >Dear Fellow Indian Blogger,Can you please show Your Support for Project India by displaying the “Project India Badge” on your Blog or Orkut or Myspace pages. You can read on how to do this at the following link – http://projectindia.in/badge.phpThanks

  6. >i am drained too and that’s why i needed to write,read or hear something more than the mumbai blast. Not that i don’t care..but what much can my caring do? i care so deeply but do the people who can do something about hear me care, hear me cry, hear me mourn….sighhhhhhhhh. i rest my case.

  7. Mumbai Diva says:

    >serendipity: Did the whole gateway march actually act as a closure? And everyone has now kind of moved on. I don’t know. Also the most important question..what does one do?Kiran: I have. It’s not appearing. Shall try again.Just call me A : You’re right. I’ve been wondering if the blog should move on beyond the blasts. But I just feel so guilty.

  8. DeeplyDip says:

    >I saw this meeting on TV. It was really an overwelhming experience and I felt very happy to see everyone come together…if things keep moving at this pace, the politicians will have no choice but to perform and deliver…

  9. >Sweets, we should all move on. Else how will all this heal. I have something for you on my blog which I’m hoping will get you to stay another post.Go get it :)A

  10. Shalom says:

    >I saw it on TV and I know what you mean….I too was very disturbed to see the number of youth crying out for war and since that day I’ve been fervently praying that calmer heads prevail at the decision-making level. Your wishlist is spot on in terms of what India really needs right now. Oh, and I also want to be free from the fear of LK Advani becoming PM.

  11. >First time here. Nice post :)My cause is Electoral reforms so that we have a real Democracy and free and fair elections.You can support it by signing the petition for Electoral Reforms here.

  12. Iya says:

    >i am so glad to know u were there..how i wish i was there too…

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