>Oooh! My First Award….

>I recieved the Butterfly Award. Yippie. My first award.

I’ve displayed it here; very, very proudly.
Thank you Just call me ‘A’http://color-me-sunshine.blogspot.com/

This feels absolutely awesome. And thank you for the encouragement to move on. I understand what you’re trying to say. Post coming up tomorrow 🙂

I started blogging only sometime back and absolutely enjoy the experience. And I really did not know that I would get so addicted to writing. But more importantly, I’ve had the opportunity to read some truly marvelous blogs. I’m amazed at the talent, the ability to weave a tale from the most ordinary of occurrences and most importantly to communicate …feelings, stories, poems…..

I’m still discovering blogs…through blogrolls, blog sites. I’m sure they are lots of great blogs I haven’t been through. In the meantime,I’m delighted to present this award to

1. Coconut Chutneyhttp://www.chutneycase.com/ : For the immense humour in your posts. They always make me crack up. The previous Saturday was spent reading up your entire blog. I’m a fan.
2. The Mad Mommahttp://thebratthebeanandbedlam.wordpress.com/ : Awesome, awesome writing. And even more awesome insights
3.The White Rainhttp://thewhiterain.blogspot.com/ : You were the first to comment on my blog. You’ll always be special. Haven’t seen a post from you in some while. Waiting to read…..
4. Publichttp://public-ram.blogspot.com/ : For that one post so PG Wodehousian in character.

5. All that Jazzhttp://strummingmythoughts.blogspot.com/ : For all the pain that you’ve been through. You deserve cheering. Chin up girl.

Please do display the award on your blogs, and much more importantly…..do pass the cheer on…

And now, I shall proceed to wake up just –gone- to- sleep- hubby to tell him this news. Wow! WOW!!

P.S. errr, next step – shall learn to link!

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9 Responses to >Oooh! My First Award….

  1. >you’re most welcome diva :)…i was so glad to log in and see an update. now it’s my turn to sleep. till your next post.Congrats

  2. Iya says:

    >thanks Lady… 🙂 will write a post soon…

  3. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Just call me ‘A’ : Thanks once again. It’s a wonderful feeling.the mad momma : You’re welcome. I so enjoy reading your blog.

  4. Meira says:

    >Congratulations.And hope to see many more to come 😀

  5. >Thank you for the blog links! lovely!and congrats :-)you have a nice blog here.

  6. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Iya- 🙂 will look forward…Meira- Thanks a ton. Trust me the award and all you guys’ appreciation has made my dayWriting for crows- 😀 am on cloud nine….

  7. >Thanks so much! 🙂 I feel so special now 😀

  8. Serendipity says:

    >your not allowed to not post for so long 🙂

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