>Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage


What a corny title. And this, dear readers, was also the topic of Group Discussion at the Business school to which I finally gained admission.

At the ripe old age of 21, an institution for higher education, a Masters no less, made my option between love and arranged marriage and the justification for the same, the criteria for granting me admission!! I kid you not.

Wait. There’s more to tell.

2 minutes into the discussion, yours truly launched into a scathing and bitter attack on love marriages. Why, you may ask. Because, a couple of very bright pieces of competition had already made some very pertinent points in favor of the same. Now yours truly realized that, inspite of having absolutely no leaning towards either love marriage or arranged marriage, one could not possibly raise hand, say “Ditto” and settle down comfortably and expect to be admitted to this exalted and coveted institute of higher learning. No sir. One had to stand out. And that was possible only by being radically different. So one made very, very strong, original, statements like “ India is a society of traditions – here a marriage is a union of two families and not just two individuals”….yes,yes I said that. No wonder I sailed through. The competition was too busy stuffing handkerchiefs, dupattas into mouths and collapsing into heaps on the floor.

I forgive them. I believe them to be immature 21 year olds, who had come prepared to face cliched topics on economic liberalization, state of financial markets, export policies etc. Having to deal with a topic so mature, and even more a peer so sorted and correct in her views must have shocked and thrown the best of them.

Anyway, given the general merriment around and complete lack of discipline on the part of the other candidates (tut tut), the professor judging this entire circus ( and lucky for me, I realized later, with a quota of 3 to fill from each batch) had no choice but to let yours truly in. The two other bright pieces of competition who had had the good sense, and luck, to have opened their mouths before yours truly stole the show, were also let in.

It does not end here.

In this exalted institute, on the very first day, in the midst of being ragged, yours truly met a boy. 3 months later, as they say when they are 21, we were “going around”. And 6 months later, the pact to get married had been sealed.


All this, of course did not go unnoticed by the bright pieces of competition. And till date, dear readers, married to that same boy, this blogger has not been allowed to forget her sanctimonious stand against love marriages. The story is now a part of the legends that reverberate in the halls of the institute. I believe role plays on this kissa is a must during ragging time. New comers, with much merriment, are introduced to this story.

I, on the other hand, am awaiting collective alumni amnesia.

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17 Responses to >Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage

  1. >now that’s a very smart strategy I must say. Always gets noticed and points.Now someone is back on a blogging spree 🙂

  2. Parul says:

    >Mumbai Diva – That’s a nice name. Hi, I came by from somewhere (I think Serendipity’s). You had me at PG Wodehouse, Christie and Enid Blyton and then I went through your posts. Great stuff….will be checking in on you regularly. And congrats on the award, girl…good going.

  3. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Just call me ‘A’ : Oh yes:) I was still wallowing. Actually, I think feeling guilty about writing/feeling anything beyond the attacks. Thanks for the nudge. I really needed that.Parul: Thanks. Going to your blog right now…….

  4. Iya says:

    >smart one at that…as long as u got admission its all fair.. its only kinda predictable that u fell in love so soon after that stand…like some divine forces giving u the message…

  5. Iya says:

    >and u have been blog rolled !!!

  6. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Iya: Thank you, Thank you. Please imagine courtsies, and bows.I know. All’s fair in love, war and …. admissions! But it was a grand 3 months later that I woke up to the fact that I really like him. 3 months of great conversations and a very good friendship…hmmm…. food for another post, maybe!

  7. >Well you can technically still have a love marriage and say arranged one rocks. I and the spouse were uhm..meeting (is that the word im searching for?) for two years – but we claim its arranged dating.

  8. Meira says:

    >3 months to get the idea out of your mind …thats fast :PGood 🙂

  9. d_grail says:

    >Haha…life has that curious way of making one eat one’s words!!Ohh and your comments only allow gmail ids 😦

  10. Shalom says:

    >Funny how fate has a way of making us eat our words sometimes!!!

  11. Renu says:

    >came here from Shalom, very interesting post:)

  12. >diva-ness, you’ve been tagged my dear 🙂

  13. DeeplyDip says:

    >hehe…isko kehtey hai apne pair pe kulhadi marna! You did what was correct and well you got the admission and the boy too!!aur kya chahiye!

  14. Ram says:

    >I think this a very nice party anecdote! I will borrow it to prove the falseness of MBAs :). My dad’s one.

  15. >You know what? When I joined more than a decade ago for my masters in a major institute, we had the usual few months of ragging..and during one of the ‘sessions’ with the seniors, they made us girls do a GD on the same topic. We had evenly divided groups for each side and we had 2 girls who said ‘No marriage’! The seniors said (based on last year’s experience) that these are the girls who get hooked first! And you won’t believe it, both of them fell in love during the 1st sem itself and are now happily married for almost 10 years! 😀

  16. Anonymous says:

    >Wow! Ragging still exists in India? Good blog. I will definately visit it now and then.

  17. Shilpa says:

    >:).. reminds me of my GD topic- euthanasia… and yes I was one of the very few for it :))

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