>Who lives in my building?

>The hubby and I live on the 10th floor of a building. But we don’t know anyone there. Can’t be helped, really. We rush out at 8.00 am and wearily trudge in at 10.00 pm everyday. Weekends are spent in quick runs to supermarkets, sleep, meeting up with friends and some more sleep.

So the only opportunity one gets to socialize is in the elevators! And women …well….talk. So I know everyone by face, name and other small sundry details like who has how many children, who’s children are in what school, etc etc. So I, at least get treated like a neighbor, unknown and mysterious, but tolerable neighbor nevertheless.

Hubby, on the other hand, has had some disastrous encounters. His friendly overtures in the lift are a treat to watch. One day, we had just stepped into the lift when the next door neighbor’s daughter came sashaying in. She’s 17. She smiled at us. We smiled back. How’s college, I asked. Cool, she replied. Hubby, deciding that he had to add his two bits to this cerebral conversation said, “hmmm, I hope you’re studying hard. Exams around the corner, right”? End of all polite conversation. We were suddenly in Siberia. Or one would feel from the cold looks we got from her.

“What did I say”? he said later, completely nonplussed.
“She’s 17, honey”, I replied.” You don’t talk to 17 year old girls like they’re errant kids.”
“But she is a kid!”
Sigh! “I know, but you never ever imply that.”
“Really, very rude kids.”

So now whenever we are in the lift with a youngster, I’ll do the small talk, while he’ll maintain stony silence.

And then today he kinda took the cake. While walking back from the car towards the building, I caught him smile and nod at this elderly woman rushing by.

“ Sweet Aunty”, he said. “I keep running into her in the lift”.
“I know”, I nodded sweetly, “She’s the neighbour’s cook!”

I think the poor man is done with trying to get to know the neighbours!

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16 Responses to >Who lives in my building?

  1. Aneela Z says:

    >at least your husband keeps some kind ” track” of neighbours…mine is borderline comatose when it comes to family (even his) and Im not talking about chacha/chachis three generations removed…Ive caught him whispering to me over the phone when Ive asked him to greet his nephew over the phone ” Who’s birthday was it again and how old?” (Please bear in mind, the husband has only ONE sibling, with only ONE kid who had just turned ONE)…for him to even acknowledge a neighbour’s cook would be a miracle.

  2. Bones says:

    >Very funny!!! My husband doesn’t know any of our neighbours – I know them through our 4 year daughter…In fact, we are known as R’s parents…Even the guards refer to us as R’s parents…

  3. Meira says:

    >Ha ha ha!We shuttle between my parents place, TS’s house and my own…so thats a lot of neighbors to get acquainted with :DI’m faring better than TS, who, poor guy, is the confused one!

  4. Iya says:

    >lol..that was funny..but the kind of life styels we have this is not a surprise…the neighbour love is something i witness when i go back to my home town even now…

  5. Mumbai Diva says:

    >aneela: (understanding nod)Bones: Ha Ha. Yeah, I remember my mom being non as our mom.Hmm. I guess I need to have kids to be better acquainted with my neighbourhood Meira: Poor guy. One is tough for them. 3 neighbourhoods? Oh dearIya: I know, it’s the lifestyles. Work and friends and full stop.

  6. Ram says:

    >Sigh, men! ;)At least he is trying! I am not sure I would:)

  7. >I might be like ur husband more than u. hmmmm. not good

  8. Iya says:

    >something for you on my blog.. hop over

  9. Shalom says:

    >Hubby & me are both bad…..we don't really know our neighbours despite having lived here nearly a year!!! We make small talk with people we meet, but no real knowledge of anyone.

  10. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Ram: very deep sigh! men;)cynic :hmmmm…oh dear!Iya: ….hopping overshalom: i think like Iya said it’s all about our lifestyles

  11. >ha ha ha, men men men. that was a funny one. i think this is the situation everyone will identify with. knowing thy neighbours is a tedious task.A

  12. DeeplyDip says:

    >lol…your poor hubby…

  13. Monika,Ansh says:

    >Lol……..poor husband.

  14. my space says:

    >Lol! That is so typical Bombay..and I wouldnt be surprised if you turn out to be my neighbour! I too have a couple from dilli staying on 10th floor..eeewww this is eerie..btw hopped from deeply dip`s blog

  15. Ramit says:

    >Hahaha! We men will mostly be always that. Just men. Neighbours and their kids and their cooks have no interest for us! I like your husband more now!

  16. >This one is a masterpiece!

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