>It’s still happening

>On Marine Drive last night. I spotted them while cruising by in a taxi. I just had to go back and speak to them. And what warmed my heart even more this time was that these are youngsters who….. well…. personally I used to accuse of not caring. They still find time on a Friday night around New Years Eve to do this.

Cheers to you guys. I know this time that somehow, somewhere we will make change happen.

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15 Responses to >It’s still happening

  1. aneri_masi says:

    >This sure is heart warming! And makes me hopeful!

  2. >faith and hope is a good thing to have…always!

  3. Mumbai Diva says:

    >anaeri_masi: yes. it sure gives me hope too.

  4. Ankit Jain says:

    >Hey, thanks for the encouraging words and putting up these pictures on your blog.Ankit (One of the organisers of the rally)

  5. Nimpipi says:

    >Hey! You dropped by, danke schon! =)Going through your blog too.. I hope New Years in Mumbai is a good, healing sort. Love.

  6. Serendipity says:

    >These pictures made me SOO happy!

  7. >hey babesA very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you. may you be surrounded by love and prosperity each day.A

  8. AmitL says:

    >Hi,there!!:)Just came across your blog while surfing my regular blogs..–The pics were really nice..yes,this time youngsters are affected by what happened,and,here’s hoping everyone together succeeds in bringing an end to what makes life miserable-namely,corruption,black marketing,terrorism,to name a few.–Cheerio and have a Happy 2009.

  9. >Happy new year! Hope it brings all the hope and change you want 🙂

  10. Shalom says:

    >Wow! Such simple steps, but so effective! Good of you to spread it too 🙂

  11. wsw says:

    >The pics made my heart glow…happy new year!

  12. Mumbai Diva says:

    >A: I agree. A very happy new year to youAnkit: Hey, glad you could drop by. three cheers to you guys.Nimpipi: Loved your blog. will keep dropping by.Serendipity: I knew they’d make you feel good. Have a great year.Cynic: appy new year to you too. AmitL:I know. This time it’s differentCoconut Chutney: Have a great year aheadShalom: Thank YuWSW:You have a super year too.

  13. >Sorry to rain on this but….everyone has forgotten everything in Mumbai!!

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