>Completely idiotic and frivolous post.


I think Wednesdays should be declared ‘off’. No, really. The new rule should be that you do not get out of bed on Wednesdays. You sleep right through it. What use are Wednesdays, in any case? You work on Mondays , Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. All very symmetrical and neat.

The Diva is seriously thinking of proposing this to the management. In form of ppt presentation and all. In the conference room. The Diva had once suggested this to her class teacher at the age of 10. It was dismissed, of course. For political reasons. Being of distinctly lower intelligence, the class teacher had not wanted to acknowledge the inspirational thoughts of the Diva and with cunning had rubbished the idea and brushed it under the carpet. But God paid the teacher back. Last heard, both offspring of the said teacher work at organizations which are open even on 2nd and 4th Saturdays. Hah!

Anyway, so coming back to the topic of Wednesdays, think of all the benefits that will accrue to mankind with this one simple act
1. We will save petrol: Oil is a depleting resource, scream headlines. Wars have happened over this very same drink of modernization. It is our duty to conserve fuel. Or our future generations will not be able to travel to work even on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays! Cut one day of travel out. Sleep.

2. Costs will be cut: Think of all the coffee expenses that the company will save. Go to your accounts department. Tell them to show you tea/coffee expenditures of the company. After you have recovered from the heart attack, start a petition. Get all employees to sign it. Attach said tea/coffee bills and take it to the management. The management will thank you.

3. You really think I’m going to give away all my arguments in a blog so public. Hah! People from work read this blog. Someone may just squeal on me. And then the management will have all answers ready. So the Diva is going to be cunning and keep some thoughts to herself.

I’m off now to make the presentation. It requires deep concentration and loads of time. Will keep you all posted on the developments.

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8 Responses to >Completely idiotic and frivolous post.

  1. wsw says:

    >Tumne mere mann ke baat cheen li..I have been telling all who will listen that Saturday ki chutti should be preponed to Wednesday.So that we have Wednesday to look forward to On Mondays and Tuesdays and Sunday for the remaining week. You are the first one I find agreeing to this genius thought.

  2. Iya says:

    >such a post on a wednesday morning !! tch tch.. Kaam kar bachcha..

  3. >Work-from-home.Benefits :1. Sleep more.2. Always have hot lunch3. Boss is not watching4. Saving of expenses on conveyance5. Saving of office space6. Saving of huge office electric bills7. and many more…PPT ready ?

  4. chandni says:

    >LOL!I wholeheartedly agree and support this proposition!

  5. >hey lady….i completely agree with the diva :). It’s been my vision for a long time too, but i doubt the mission will be successful 🙂 ever :(. At the most Wednesdays should be work from home…but hey…I should not be complaining..I work from home whenever I want ;D

  6. D says:

    >I have another proposal that will save more cost: we work only on weekends! 😀 what say?

  7. Shalom says:

    >You know, my hubby said something similar a while back….midweek blues!But on a serious note, I really think many Indian companies need to look at work-from-home options.

  8. Mumbai Diva says:

    >wsw: no no. we keep sat and sun off as well;)iya: haan haan, filhaal aur koi option nahin hai…but soon…..ppt ready hone dohobo: no no. you missed the point. we don’t work from home. on wed we chill at home. chandni: thank you. ill send you petition to signA:great people think alike;)D: You’re a genius.Shalom: I agree. especially in mumbai coz it takes so much time to travel to work.

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