>Of Gyms and Television Actresses


I have joined a gym. It’s right across the road from my office. It’s also dotted with minor and major TV celebrities ( Office has moved to the suburbs – the television industry thrives here).

And this is what happened yesterday.

I was on the treadmill. Had been for precisely 8 minutes. Huffing and puffing away. When I happened to glance at my neighbor’s face. Ok. I had seen her somewhere. I screwed up my eyes in deep concentration. Yes. Yes. Visions of a long, hideous bindi floated in front of my eyes. Of course! She was in one of those many soaps where a screechy woman would make life unbearable for the docile D-I-L of the family. She was one of those screechy women.

I suddenly realized I’d been staring at her. So I offered a smile. That’s when another curvaceous actor floated up. ( No. I couldn’t place her. I always remember faces. I just don’t remember where I’ve seen them – another post on that later).

“How much time?” said the curvaceous actor, obviously in desperate need of a treadmill.

“5 more minutes” I puffed

“At least 50” said screechy woman. “ I started only 15 minutes back”.

The curvaceous actor floated away, visibly disappointed.

I was impressed with screechy woman.

“An hour on the treadmill?” I asked. “That’s awesome”.

She looked at me with distaste. Heavy women, puffing away at the treadmill obviously displeased her aesthetic senses.

But I was very interested in her gym routine. I need to lose weight. Here was this woman who, I was sure, kept track of each gram added or subtracted from her body. Hmmmm. Lots to learn. I could do an hour on the treadmill. If I broke it up into 4 sessions of 10 minutes each with a 5 minute break in between! Yes. Do-able.

“An hour on the treadmill.Yes, I guess that would be enough to get me back into shape” I said chummily, happily building mental images of shopping lists crammed with new, smaller, sexier clothes.

“No, that’s not enough. You need to follow it up with at least half an hour of cross training and an hour of weights. I don’t know. With your butt, you might need more.”

Ah, well! That eliminates screechy woman from my possible list of gym buddies.

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20 Responses to >Of Gyms and Television Actresses

  1. >hee hee hee..”with your butt’ my my my…she is indeed screechy. you could also track what you eat. it does help. i use this http://www.thedailyplate.com/ check out if this works for you. great going girl. keep up the workout.

  2. wsw says:

    >Hahahaha! Sorry but her choice of words leaves me rolling in laughter!!I joined a gym too though it was the office gym where 50 year old corporate honchos would run at double my speed and double my time!And dont even get me started on what happened when I proceeded to do weights..skinny chicks lifting 5kgs while i huffed and puffed with 1 kg..Not to mention this whole torture became unbearably boring once I started wiggling into purani jeans!

  3. Iya says:

    >”with ur Butt” looks like we have something more in common…jokes aside, i really want to lose weight, only problem is i dont try..cant i get a magic Wand??

  4. unsungpsalm says:

    >Awww… so on-screen vamps are quite the same off-screen as well!Your main concern should be your diet. It has a 50% role in weightloss. You should consider a dietician if you haven’t already. Basically eliminate all fat and as much carbs as you can.I know it sounds horrible (“What’s the point of living anymore?”) but when it pays dividend 5 months hence, you can go back to a balanced diet and enjoy your newfound slimness 🙂

  5. Mumbai Diva says:

    >A: Thanks. Now I’m determined to get all shapely.wsw: eeh! that’s boring. this one’s actually quite fun. also i’m determined to knock off atleast 6 -8 kilos.also, strangely, watching these women are actually quite toned. not anorexic. It’s quite motivating to watch them exercise.iya: :)no i discovered no magic wands. there was a time when i would do some 2-3 leg raises while watching TV. and then would stand in front of the mirror wondering if i look trimmer. hubby would laugh. uproriously!unsungpsalm:this one sure is. I know. I’ve cut out carbs completely. I’ve realized I’m not missing them.

  6. D says:

    >Lol! I’m sorry, but that actually sounded funny 🙂

  7. ~mE says:

    >Its better to get a trainer if you have a goal. i need to loose 2 kgs to have an athlete body 😀 but i wish i loose more …thinner the better :)and my routine stretches for 5 mins treadmill for 20 mins efx for 10 mins cycling for 10 mins,5 mins abs and 5 mins stretches again (Thu,thr,sat)Weight training on (Mon,wed,fri)

  8. >..ah sheis a vamp in real life too?ah the perennial weight angst. but now i say i have gone on a fitness spree ( as long as i feel health et etc) of course. im not fooling anyone. sigh

  9. Reflections says:

    >LOL the last sentence was the best:-DSeriously I too plan to join one…I've called one pleace & got all the details.All I have to do is get off my butt & reach there….an uphill task right now:-(.

  10. Saumya says:

    >Now the mean woman has taken her on screen persona too seriously! :)!!! on a serious note if its not too much of a secret which gym is this?

  11. Smarak says:

    >so ma’am did u later find who tht actress was?

  12. DeeplyDip says:

    >lol…i always want to be able to run on the treadmill for one hour but cannot manage even 5 minutes! I can walk fast for 1 hour non stop but not run…alas…and sigh on the toned bodies…all the best in your endevour to lose weight…trust me you are not alone 🙂

  13. Smitha says:

    >Oh that was hilarious !!! I had gone the gym way – long time – have just totally given up now – proudly call it my ‘mummy tummy’ if asked 🙂

  14. Serendipity says:

    >and about the butt thing – shes just jealous. I read this one article about men liking women with wide child bearing hips hahahahha”well endowed” is the new size zero. 😀

  15. Aarabi says:

    >how bitchy! why the hell dint you say something back? like: sure!i wish your boyfriend luck with your pinhead butt and poky bones. orwow – what a wonderful voice you have. i’m sure it gets your husband running to work every morning – AWAY from you.jesus – civility is such a lost art these days.

  16. >where are you…come back come back…don’t work so much. at least come back for the awards i have for you 🙂

  17. Shalom says:

    >"With your butt…." damn, that was bitchy!!! But I guess women in their line feel bitchiness is a necessary survival tool; I don't agree, there's no excuse for rudeness.Anyway, ignore the lot….stay focused on your goals & good luck 🙂

  18. Serendipity says:

    >grrr. where are you. 😛

  19. roop says:

    >rofl!!! well, atleast u gotta give her the credit for being so committed to her job that she always stays in character. :Dfor word verification thing, guess what it’s asking me to type … “saali”lol exactly what i would’ve told the woman! :p see, even blogger knows better heheh. g’luck on the workouts!! 🙂

  20. Meira says:

    >yeah…and she’d probably recommend that your diet consist of only lettuce!Bah…these skinny ladies:D

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