>Life’s Crossroads

>She gazed unseeingly in front of her, her face mirroring her pain, her indecision. How had she allowed this to happen? Her eyes blurred. Her hands trembled. Oh, what was she to do? How had a perfectly nice, normal day turned into this….

No, she checked herself. She had known all along that today was the day. She had avoided it for too long. She had even gone to bed the previous night faintly dreading the rise of the sun. Because she had known at the back of her mind that she would have to deal with it today. Or it would be too late.

She sighed unhappily, feeling alone and lonely. There were people around her. Faces that looked happy. She looked into those faces, silently screaming for help. But no one heard.

She looked across at her husband, at that face she loved so much and her heart turned. Should she tell him? Should she burden him with her uncertainties. No, she decided. This was her cross to bear. And anyway, he had his own demons to deal with. She was aware of that. She looked down at her shaking hands. She had to take a decision, now!

Lotus Herbals Cocomoist Moisturizer – An all-purpose moisturising lotion that promotes soft, silky and smooth skin. Maintains the pH balance of skin and enhances its moisture retention capacity. Lotus Herbal Aloehydra – Rehydrates skin and enhances its moisture retention capacity. This special formula is quickly absorbed in the skin. Which, which, Oh, WHICH?

She looked at her husband, into his pained, questioning eyes. Colgate – Strong teeth or Colgate with Active salts for whiter teeth?

Drat supermarket visits! Double drat FMCG manufacturers!

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7 Responses to >Life’s Crossroads

  1. Iya says:

    >oh my god!!! and i thought she was heading to a divorce or a pink slip or something much more drastic… u back with a bang..

  2. WSW says:

    >Seriously..i saw a pink slip coming…and then saw colgate and lotus (which being products of rival cos are equally bad :))But nice to see ur blog..hope the frequency increases…

  3. Iya says:

    >u have been tagged, take it up..it will be nice to know u more..

  4. my space says:

    >Lol! life can be tough..sp supermarketscan be such a pain 🙂

  5. DeeplyDip says:

    >lol…ya the promises we are made and the realities that are…sigh…

  6. roop says:

    >lol it has happened sooooo many times that two different products from the same company will have exactly the similar description!!! why would they put us through that misery!!this post reminded of seinfeld. finding humor out of daily life. well done. 🙂

  7. >LOL 🙂 Brilliant! At the risk of being censured (and I won’t be antagonized over it), the husband is bound to have breathed a sigh of relief that confusion wasn’t over durex small or large.

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