>The Randomness Tag

>The world has probably and happily moved on to other tags, but since I’ve worked so hard on this one, for nearly a week, I am going to put this one up. The culprits in this case are DeeplyDip and Serendipity. But seriously, thank you guys, for I don’t think I’ve thought so clearly about myself ever. It’ll take some wading through. But do go through this list of 25 random things about me….

1. If hubby is really late from work or travel, I can’t, just can’t go to sleep till he’s home.
2. Most people think I have great smile. I agree!!!!:)
3. I love music. It uplifts my mood…always. I love dancing too.
4. I think Maggi should come with an ‘addiction warning’. I get cravings for it.
5. I need ice cream atleast 3 times a week post dinner.
6. I used to be very scared of the dark as a child. At night I HAD to cover myself with a sheet. I always felt there was something under the bed and if any part of my body showed under the sheet that ‘creature’ would chop it off and take it away!!!!
7. I’m a very friendly person. I get along with all kinds of people. And most of the times I make wrong first impressions about people. But I’m very generous with admitting that I’m wrong.
8. In fact, I’m very OK with admitting my mistakes. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in saying “You’re right and I was wrong”
9. I’m very, very house proud. I love doing up my home. I love inviting people over. Our home has always been the place friends come over to chill.
10. I was never an animal lover. That was left to my sister. Till Tubby came along. My sis got him home when he was 4 months, a furry little Pomeranian. Now I think dogs are the best stress busters ever. Their unconditional love can never be duplicated by any human.
11. I’m terrible at keeping in touch with people. A very sore point with a lot of my friends.
12. I get very passionate about causes and also when I see someone doing something wrong. This leads to…ahem…scenes.
13. I’m very competitive. In everything. And a lot of times in my own head. So I will be secretly competing with someone in something and the poor person will not even know it.
14. I love the mountains. Before my marriage I’d never been to the hills for a holiday inspite of staying in Delhi. Hubby on the other hand had studied in a school in the mountains. So that led to honeymoon and all subsequent holidays being in Simla, Manali…the works. I fell in love with them. And today I feel, the only holiday that really matters is the one spent in the Himalayas. Errrr, I love Goa too, though.
15. I have obsessive compulsive disorder….only with gas knobs and door locks. Nothing else.
16. I believe in ‘me’ time. I love going for dinner, plays, window shopping all by myself once in a while.
17. I luurrrve shopping for cosmetics. In fact, I lurrrrrve shopping.
18. I love being stylish. For me it’s a way of life. Not fashion, mind you. Style. 2 totally different things. 🙂
19. I love mental challenges. So puzzles, games are a regular feature of my day.
20. I will at some point be an entrepreneur, again. I just know that. And this time I’ll be smarter. I’ve learnt from my mistakes.
21. I love the Toblerone shake at Mocha!
22. I love the saree. I think it’s the most elegant thing a woman can wear. Even though I don’t get to wear it often.
23. I always remember faces. And forget names.
24. In any discussion with anyone I will always, always loyally take hubby’s side, sometimes without even knowing whether he’s right or wrong. I’ll defend his point of view passionately. He rather adores that.
25. This tag has taken me 6 installments and almost a week to finish!!! Whew!
Not tagging anyone….No.

Frankly, I don’t think there’s anyone left who hasn’t done this already!!

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8 Responses to >The Randomness Tag

  1. Iya says:

    >i still havent done this tag..its too much of an effort to think of 25 tandom things and make it interesting too!!!i love the Saree and i was so hooked to Sodoku at some point of time..u know it noce to know more about u!!

  2. >i remember names and forget faces. sigh

  3. >i would love to see your smile! i agree on maggi cravings. i love having people over too…..why don’t you come for dinner? :). hee hee..i am very competitive in my head too. ok..another thing that we will do when we meet in mumbai is to shop!you have patience! 6 installements1 i would have scraped it.i love the tag. there were so many fun stuff in it.

  4. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Iya : I was hooked to Sudoku too. Thank youCynic: Sigh!A: Ok. We need to meet. When you coming here?

  5. Shalom says:

    >In the past year that I've been a homemaker, I have become houseproud too. Since we currently live in a rented place, our furniture & furnishings are pretty basic, but I love jazzing it up with flowers & candles & bright accessories…..its very heartwarming to do so. And I try to do the Times crossword, Sudoku and Kakuro daily.

  6. >i don’t know :(…..and I soooo want to come to India. You’ll definitely get a message when i’m planning the trip

  7. karmickids says:

    >With you all the way from 6 to 20. You sure we werent seperated at birth?

  8. Meira says:

    >Now that I’ve seen your pic…i agree with point no. 2…:D

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