>The Girl Child is the new Saas-Bahu.


Portrayal of social issues on national media is a good thing. But too much of anything is bad. Which is exactly what is happening. Also, the thought that most of these soaps are primarily to increase GRP ratings is disgusting.

I like Ballika Badhu. I think it is sensitively handled. But more than that, it came as a breath of fresh air, and was also executed with a lot of talent, whether it be the story or the acting. But the two new serials based on the girl child, on the same channel, are taking this to ridiculous heights and the follow up by Zee and Star is dismal. So we shift focus from hideously dressed, bickering saas’ and bahus to innocent looking, gut wrenching children. Not nice, I say.

And in the process I lose ‘Jaane Kya Baat Hui’ which was, if nothing else – nice. Different and simple. I’m not much of a television watcher. Even if I do, it’s restricted to movies, loads of sitcoms and forcibly CNBC TV 18. But I do follow a couple of serials, and this was one of them.

The number of hoardings dedicated across the city to these serials reeks of TV war. And as a consumer, somewhere, one becomes aware of the war. And I don’t like that.

P.S. We were a sponsor at one of the TV awards lately. The sight of that little girl from Ballika Badhu coming to accept her award in her costume from the serial was sad, atleast to me. The TRPs have taken over her life. Any peek into her real self will break the spell. And we wouldn’t want that, would we?

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9 Responses to >The Girl Child is the new Saas-Bahu.

  1. Iya says:

    >serial has taken over her life!! this is child labor and her parents are more than happy changing her idnetity to Anandi of BV..having said that i still like this serial..its different from the usual rant on TV. i did a post on this long time back..

  2. WSW says:

    >Yup, once a channel hits a winning formula others are quick to follow it till the theme gets milked to death and even the sight of the soaps make you go not again!Really sad about the child actor. I dont follow the serial but am sure she wouldnt be enjoying being “in role” all the time!

  3. Serendipity says:

    >Cant watch serials no more. specially these child stars who’re forced to grow up.even on realitry shows like boogiewoogie which i used to love the kids competitions… the kids are made to say graceful defeat style responses.. which is really sad.

  4. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Iya: I like it too. It’s very well put together. Love the daadi’s acting. Anandi is cute too.WSW: That’s my point. You just lose interest. Reruns of friends seem far more fun.Serendipity: Oh God! The reality shows. No way can I watch those either.

  5. roop says:

    >hmm have you heard of the little girl whose mother kept her identity hidden to keep her acting as a boy? she was the boy in Kank i think. i really wonder!!

  6. Sakshi says:

    >That sounds so gruesome…a child forced to be stopped acting like a child?? Yeah I always wondered why the hell that gal in Jassi jaisi koyi nahi kept coming on every stage and place dressed like jassi in real life?? TRP gimmicks getting out of hands and do they really think the audience wants the character being portrayed to march everywhere in that same makeup, attire and gestures..in that case I would always want Johnny Depp to roam around as willy wonka distributing chocolates or our bollywood heroes rescuing damsels in distress in real lives..

  7. >When I went on India Trip; Everybody was talking about it. Got a glimpse of one or two of episodes but could not really like it.

  8. Parul Khanna says:

    >Hey, i am so glad that someone has posted views on this topic. I too loved ‘Ballika Vadhu’, till sometime back, considering that it covers gruesome reality of our Indian culture against girl child/woman, which is prevalent in our society for a long time now. But thanks to a few other soaps in similar lines, and the technique of over-stretching story lines, i have lost interest in the serials completely. The serial which some time back seemed to be a step towards awakening Indian crowd/society of such atrocities against women at large, now seems nothing more than a topic for profit-making business (which i agree was the main motive though, but what ever little effect it could have had on our society is lost due to their overstretching skills and talent in copying others material).I wish these channels could have certain standards to follow such as, not more than 20 -30 episodes on a topic, to ensure quality work.

  9. legallyalien says:

    >Hi! Came across your blog while blog hopping and really like it :)I don't live in India anymore so pardon the ignorance,whats Balika Badhu about? I'm from Bengal and Balika Badhu is a very famous Bengali film and I think there was a Hindi version too. Is the serial along the same lines?

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