>House Hunting…..


Most of us, at some point, have interacted with the species called the Real Estate Agent (also fondly called Property Dealer).

Since the great house hunt has begun to find an abode equidistant from hubby’s and self’s office, given that we now work at two opposite corners of the city, currently the property dealer is the Diva’s best friend. The ensuing interactions would have provided much merriment had the situation not been so grim ( current landlord having been served notice without any new landlord in sight).

They will say anything, ANYTHING, to chipkao a house to you.

I have seen about 20 houses already. They just don’t get what I want. One lured me during office hours to see a sea facing flat. ( ‘Sea Facing?’ spluttered hubby, swallowing great, big chuckles. ‘Baby, you are aware of our budget, na?’). I still went to see the house. Trust me, I will have nightmares for 2 weeks, atleast. Of course there was the sea, well the Bandra creek to be more precise. But please do not ask me about the house itself. Well, since you are insisting let me tell you. A lizard infested lobby, a creaking lift, seepage……BUT, ‘It’s sea facing, madam’!!!!

Gah! I need strength.

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18 Responses to >House Hunting…..

  1. Scarlett says:

    >Been through it many times b/c I too was one of the ‘will-not-live-anywhere-but-in-Bandra’ types. So I can feel your pain. But know what…sometimes you can really luck out. All the best 🙂

  2. Iya says:

    >cant stop myself from laughing…sorry i am not being a sadist..happy house hunting..hope u get a fab house!!

  3. DeeplyDip says:

    >heehee…”chipkao any house to you” !! Really the agents can do whatever they can to make you go ahead with a property :)All the best and keep us posted…

  4. Shalom says:

    >Hubby & I are in this same boat…..only we have to start rowing 😀 Hang in there even when you feeling like tearing your hair out (or the agent's hair out!)…. be persistent & you will get your dream flat.

  5. Mukta says:

    >Oh! all the very best! Although, try looking at khar or even Powai…you might find something good there. the traffic conditions there are more regulated than Andheri (West). I assume thats where you stay now?Also, look through kijiji.com. Its pretty nice.

  6. D says:

    😡 That’s sounds nightmarish indeed. I have such a strong sense of “belongingness” to the house I live in that I cannot imagine living in a house I don’t belong in. Go figure!

  7. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Hobo:)Scarlett:the move currently is more to bring sanity into travelling time. but of course it helps that it is bandra:)Iya: Thank you for the sympathies…..:)DeeplyDip: absolutely Shalom: I know. Still looking….Mukta: No No. I currently stay in chembur. travel to andheri west. hubby travels to churchgate. it’s madness. and forget about weekday plans. dinner or meeting people together on weekdays is now a nightmare.D: This is going to my 4th house in 8 years of marriage…….sigh!

  8. Pesto Sauce says:

    >I may be looking for a house in Mumbai soon……..gives me creeps

  9. >Hang in there! Amidst these lizard-infested horrors, you’ll come across a place you love – and it will all be worth it! 🙂 Good luck with the house hunt!

  10. >ouch!..it’s a painful process. all the best. and I have a huge grin imagining you and the ‘sea view’

  11. D says:

    >I have something for you on my blog.

  12. Mukta says:

    >arrey, then you look in andheri west, no? bandra to andheri west is not a easy distance to travel. A friend of mine was staying in Yaari Road in a 1 bHK for 15,000. Your husband works in churchgate? so so so lucky! I wish i worked in churchgate. I hope he travels by train? otherwise its difficult. Anyway, matter of time before you find something nice! Let me see if I can get any brokers numbers for you. All the best!

  13. hmmlife says:

    >nice blog..:)hope you find your dream home soon.. Myself not fan of big cities… i want (have) house with front and back yards.. lots of open space.. big rooms… and fresh air to breath

  14. chandni says:

    >good lord! kick him in the rear :)should be in bombay in 2 weeks…wanna meet?

  15. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Pesto Sauce: let me know if you need help.Mystic Margarita: Thank you. It worked. I love the new place.A: thank you. found a house. love it. and no sea view:)Mukta: no. looking for something mid way. so it’s easy for him to travel as well.hmmlife: i know. those are the kind of houses i like too. Which is what i had in delhi. In mumbai you dont find houses like that Chandni: Of course!!!!!!!!!

  16. >any broker = scary person

  17. Bedazzled says:

    >”lizard infested lobby”!!! lol.. been there , done that ..some of these real estate fellows are so oily and slick in what they say that it freaks me out..

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