>Discovering Running


And my 3 month Gym membership has come to an end. Vastly entertaining though the experience was, what with all the celebrity spotting, I am going to discontinue for some time. I have lost weight. Am far more toned and am extremely motivated to lose more weight. BUT, am bored. With the gym. And it’s routine.

About 2 weeks back, Hubby convinced me to come for a run with him. The man runs a distance of 6-8 kms. Every day. (Phew, it tires me out just writing about it). Sometimes on Marine Drive after office. Sometimes at Jogger’s Park. He’s soooo fit. I always thought running to be boring. But he convinced me to try it out once.

The first day I walked a good 4 kms. Running did happen. Only for about 1 km and, that too, intermittently. The first couple of days were tough. Creaking joints, protesting muscles and of course the mental image of self resembling a sack of potatoes hurtling down the track were deterrents. But he was good. Cajoled, coaxed and even altered his stride and speed to match mine. And now I’m hooked. Also, results are amazingly drastic. I’ve dropped half a waist size in two weeks and clothes are beginning to loosen further. I could partly attribute the drastic loss to a change in routine from the gym. I’m using a different set of muscles etc, etc. The point is, the weight loss seems like an added bonus. The exhilaration of running is a far more over powering emotion. Try it.

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25 Responses to >Discovering Running

  1. >altering your workout is the key. Any workout should have variety and altering levels, else results stop showing and boredom also sets in. Also running in the gym and running outside are two very different experiences. When you run outside your body is adjusting to various conditions, resistance and topography. In the gym one tends to run at the same speed or pace and changing resistances betweeb running seldom consciously happens. me, i prefer running in the gym. i alter my running pattern every 5 mins and for every mile. I add weights while running. I stop every 30 mins sometimes to do squads and sometimes I walk briskly at a high incline.You go girl. 🙂

  2. SMM says:

    >Ya running is fun…the feeling of achievement as you cross the miles is great. Weight loss is an added bonus.The cherry on the cake of course is that you get to bond with the hubby 🙂

  3. Iya says:

    >hey, u make the whole running thing sound so good..but thats something i cant do..if only loosing weight was more fun!! BTW, have been going to the gym for a week now 🙂

  4. Scarlett says:

    >Running outdoors has always been considered a better & more effective option than running on a treadmill, partly b/c while running outdoors your body has to make the extra effort to adjust to overcome the heat, external conditions, resistances, changes in the geography etc. So running outdoors results in more weight/inch loss than running indoors. But it takes much more stamina to run outdoors than run at the gym. I personally enjoy only weight-training at the gym. For my cardio workout, I prefer brisk walks, jogging outdoors, aerobics, power yoga or kick boxing. They're more entertaining than running on the treadmill, where you're putting in so much effort yet getting nowhere! The only cardio machine I can tolerate at the gym is the stepper! Keep running :)PS: You can also try Bandstand & Carter Road Promenade.

  5. Mumbai Diva says:

    >A: Yes. Outdoors the effect is far more. I think I just got bored with the gym. Joggers park is a rather happy change. SMM 🙂 YaIya : The point is to be regular. Try the gym for atleast 3 months. You’ll definitely see the difference.Scarlett: I love the carter road promenade. But one can’ really run on it. I go there for a walk some times.

  6. SMM says:

    >Worli seaface is also a good option…I used to go there for long long long walks – all the way from Prabhadevi side till Haji Ali and back.Shivaji Park is also quite a nice place.

  7. The knife says:

    >I loved gymming till my back gave in. It was my own ‘me’ time.Now its walks on Carter Rd.Running require a soft track so joggers is better. I did run a couple of rounds occasionally when i used to go there earlier.The thrill of a good run is something elseKalyan

  8. mindspace says:

    >i loved the title of this post. It was actually like that for me as well. After school i had almost given up most of the sports and running was so rare, almost none. In mumbai only time i ran was for bus or train, especially trains at dadar when they goofup between 9 and 12 coach and you have to run frm one end to the other… that was scary,, and after treadmill when u step out and start jogging /running its like re-discovery.. the mornings are best for me though i m not regular. your post and when u say ur hubby is soooo fit, it inspires. but dont you have a fight with sleep to get up?? I cant sleep early and that leads to late mornings.. how do u cope with that..

  9. Mumbai Diva says:

    >mindspace: Oh yes. Running outdoors is very different from running on the treadmill. The latter seems like a cakewalk now. I go in the evenings. Entry to the park closes at 8 pm. So I know I have to reach home accordingly. The good thing is it is right next to home. It’s also helped me to discipline my timings accordingly. I manage 4 times a week this way which is more than enough. Nah, I’m not a morning person either.

  10. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Kalyan: You’re right. Carter road is good for walking. very cheerful place though.

  11. >now that you’ve discovered the joy of running…check this out and try it.http://coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml

  12. WSW says:

    >You make running seem so much fun…but I have tried for weeks to develop a taste for it and have none. Maybe because I run on the treadmill and wat can be more exciting than watching yourself huff and puff from different angles..aargh!

  13. >You make the whole thing sound so glam !! 🙂 I don’t know what will take it for me to discover running 😛 yet to meet that motivation !!

  14. Mumbai Diva says:

    >SMM: Worli is good too but far from home. Also the last time i was there it was messed up coz of the sea link construction.A : Will do. Thanks.WSW: eeks. I know what you mean. I even tried concentrating on the TV screen in front of the treadmills . No use. The eye strays back to the jiggling fat. I hated running too. Thot it was maha boring. But it’s just so exhilarating. After the first km or so. Before that legs hurt like hell. thetinywindow: aha! that’s the trick. feeling glam adds to the feel good factor. 🙂

  15. Aries says:

    >Diva – it is exhilerating, isn’t it? When we were in college we had to hit the track at 6:05 AM sharp.10 minutes of stretching and then a fairly long jog that culminated in a sprint. I loathed waking up at unearthly hours to get to the field but a few months into it and I’ve been hooked for life. Remembering that track in Bangalore, the scene of the light fog lifting with the first rays of the sun…gets me nostalgic.The good part is its become part of life. I still jog around 2 km 3-4 days a week. And yes, I still always end it with a sprint.

  16. Serendipity says:

    >good stuff!! :)Once i get the moving Business out of the way, ill start too!

  17. >Wow! i mean WOW. the only time i run is to catch buses and trains. im so impressed aiyo. i do the equivalent of the stepper – do about 12 odd floors of stairs + walks but running i havent tried for years. you are seriously making it sound fun

  18. Bedazzled says:

    >i agree with u on the exhilaration that running gives u .. its sooper fun.. gyms bore me to death and i need something different every day .. so i guess running suits me 😉 .. but i am so irregular that i almost feel ashamed to be admitting this ..;-)

  19. >Running/Swimming – good always.

  20. D says:

    >What a healthy post :)There’s actually nothing quite like running to lose the flab, but be careful about the turf you’re running on. Hard, cemented roads are not the best things to run on, not for your knees at least.

  21. Shalom says:

    >I tried running once, or rather jogging. Gave up after I was overtaken by a grandma-looking type (sigh). Since then, I’ve stuck to walking…..at least I look more competent doing that 😀

  22. SSQuo says:

    >Running and me do not gel. I can walk for miles on end, but 2-3 mins of running and I have to stop. I’d like to do more. This summer I plan to walk (no plans for running since it doesnt happen!)

  23. Gossipgal says:

    >long time no post..www.highsocietygoss.blogspot.com

  24. >where are you honey? long time

  25. SSQuo says:

    >Hmm have you been speaking to my mind??? Coz I thought TODAY was the day Id start running/walking…didnt happen!!Im thinking about carrying my sneakers to work and then on my way back home I will walk along the river. It will be nice and sunny, thats one of my fav things to do, but usually not for exercise just to enjoy the place. Now if only I can actuallyt pack my stuff and take my sneakers…Ok Im really gonna try.

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