>Sigh! Nice weekend.


Guide on how to book a Weekend Getaway near Mumbai for long weekends.

Step 1 : Study official Holiday List sent out by HR at beginning of the year.

Step 2 : Mark out all long weekends.
Step 3 : Plan on destination for holiday.
Step 4 : Make bookings.
Step 5 : Hide tickets in locker.
Step 6 : Do step 1-5 in complete secrecy IN THE FIRST 2 WEEKS OF THE YEAR. Others should not come to know you are doing this. What if they start doing the same before your bookings are done. Horrors!!
Step 7 : Grin wickedly when idiots like the Diva hunt for bookings a week before the long weekend.

I kid you not. I must have called up atleast 25 resorts in all the sundry weekend places dotting the neighborhoods of the city, only to be told “all is booked”. Really. People here book weekend holidays weeks, no… months in advance. Hah. I have now scouted my holiday list as well. There is a long weekend in August. Decisions will be taken, places will be booked. This very week.

But on the whole, inspite of the disappointment of not being able to take a break from the city, it’s been a lovely weekend. 3 wonderful days of lazing around, eating out at breakfast, lunch and dinner( I’m stuffed, I tell ya), back to back Agatha Christies, half a day of spa ( bliss, bliss, bliss)…

“3 whole days of nothingness”, hubby had said, reflectively. “ We’ll fight by Saturday evening.”


And we did. Saturday afternoon, actually. Sigh. The pitfalls of knowing each other so well. But, happily, all was well very soon. A wonderful, glorious weekend.

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16 Responses to >Sigh! Nice weekend.

  1. >When I was in job I too used to watch Holiday list and smile.Best-Wishes !

  2. aneri_masi says:

    >Hehe 🙂 Why is impossible to have SO many blissful days without a fight? Its like a law, innit?We have something coming up in July, thinking real hard about what to do with 10 days (Yep! 10 days!)

  3. SMM says:

    >Nice…so where did you go? Btw did you vote?

  4. Aneela Z says:

    >and vote? vote kiya?!!!

  5. Mumbai Diva says:

    >everyone : nahin….vote nahin kiya. List mein naam nahin tha. Delhi mein check karaya from parents. Wahan bhi naam nahin tha.

  6. Iya says:

    >vote nahi kiya is liye ladayee ki..lol…as for long weekends, planing is the name of the game.. we too were at home, relaxed ate and had some good fun..

  7. Aries says:

    >Had a lovely weekend. Lots of catching up…with friends, my hobbies and this lovely city. I leave Delhi for good in a month’s time so I’m in no hurry to tear myself away from it in the one month that’s left.

  8. >if there are no fights there will not be the bliss of making up :)spa sounds heavenly. It’s been a while for me 😦

  9. SMM says:

    >Diva kuthe?

  10. >Oh yes, I learnt that the heard way,in bangalore!!!!

  11. The knife says:

    >we once went to Goa over a long Diwali weekend. And then said, never again. What’s wrong with enjoying home and Bombay, at leisure

  12. Arjun says:

    >i’m lucky… i take a holiday.. whenever I feel like!!

  13. >i’m reading this again…and finding the ‘hide in locker’ so funny 😀

  14. >..and there are people who manage to stick to these future plans and others who have to cancel. figured out i fall in the latter. so i dont bother anymore.

  15. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Hobo: Thank youaneri_masi: yup, law!!10 whole days. wow. SMM: Stayed at home. Just ate out like a pig.aneela : nahin, vote nahin kiya. Too much moving around in the last couple of years. In fact I just realized I don’t even have proof of address anymore.Iya: :)aries: where are you off to? i thought i would never be able to live outside of delhi for long. It’s amazing how much I’ve adapted to bbayA: It’s ridiculous how important spas have become :)Really, i need to escape to one as often as i can. atleast a foot massage!!SMM: Here only. Just too much silly work pressure. Blogging lesser, answering comments even lesser. This too shall pass.lostonthestreet: i am determined to start planning.the knife : nothing. love bandra too. just needed to get away…arjun : lucky you. i wish i could travel moreA: I mean it ;)cynic: ahh. such is luck!

  16. Shanu says:

    >LOL..I face the same prob everytime i am plannin a long weekend out wit frnds..the fact that there are 17 ppl in my grp hardly helps..and we end up goin to the same places…kihim and murud janjira (my frnds own farm houses there)time and again!

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