>Its not music to my ears!!


About 2 years back we realized our music system was kinda showing symptoms of old age. Further investigations revealed it was on its death bed. For two years we held on to it, but with a heavy heart, sometime last month, we decided it was time to let go.

Hubby, of course, was delighted!!

It gave him a legit chance to browse around in electronics’ shops without scowling wife complaining about how it is a sheer waste of a Sunday, about how insensitive he is to lounge around in a store which holds no interest for her and how she’d rather be doing mutually interesting things like ..er.. trying out new lipstick and nail paint shades at Beauty Centre, hmpf..

Anyway, so we have been to all these interestingly futuristic, vast, brightly lit shops checking out systems of varying wattages ( Oh! My poor ears), designs, brands as well as some refrigerators, LCD televisions, all sorts of phones, home theatre systems, a very interesting rice cooker, a back massager, new types of laptops, tiny DVD players…., before we finally settled on a Philips music system. On week 1. We decided to sleep over it.

Week 2 saw us repeating the whole jig at another store. After endless rounds of more deafening trials we settled …on the same Philips model.

Much bargaining ensued. On our poor, old system!! Exchange value and all. My man wanted the store to put a value of atleast 5K on it. The store adamantly ( and very intelligently) decided not to part with more than 1 K. Week 2 ended in stalemate.

Week 3 saw us at a 3rd store ( when will it end? you ask, the spine chilling suspense nearly killing you). Before the man’s eyes, heart and whole being could begin to wander around again, I spotted the zeroed on system. I was determined to take charge. This had to end.

“This”, I said, pointing to the system in display. “We want. And we have an old system. Take it for 2 K”. The sales guy goggled at this display of assuredness. Spotting the hubby floating towards a higher wattaged system, I nearly shouted at the man “ Yes, we want this system. Formalities, quick.” The poor guy hotfooted – it to his boss. I sighed with quiet satisfaction. Life could now return to normal. The dratted music – system – purchase was dispensed with. One could now get on to spending the Sunday more constructively.

I almost looked kindly at a monstrous home theatre system that hubby was eyeing lovingly.

“ Ahem, Madam”, said a voice at my shoulder. “ Philips has discontinued that system. We don’t have any in stock. In fact none of our stores have any pcs in stock. However I can show you this much better system with higher wattage……”

“ Or”, said the hubby hopefully, “we can always check out that other store in Juhu next week”.


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16 Responses to >Its not music to my ears!!

  1. Scarlett says:

    >Let him go on his own. You make Sunday plans with your fabulous girlfriends!!

  2. BlueMist says:

    >LOLbut honestly shopping is like this so much fun…*wink*who knows you might go back shop no. 1 and pick up the system you left 😀

  3. >i know what u are saying.. i comepltely detest these gadget and electronic shops. atleast u were buying a music system , i was recently dragged on a weekend.. to shop for a ps3! i nearly killed him

  4. Mumbai Diva says:

    >gossipgal :)scralett 😀 ya i know. i should do that once. but love sick dope that i am i hate spending sundays away from him.bluemist: oh yes. i love shopping….clothes, cosmetic type things!!! i don’t know why but these gadget shops are just such a turn offISH: My full sympathies!

  5. >Same pinch too! I totally know that feeling. God, how I detest going to Chroma, EZone and Vijay Sales, but my husband feels these stores are God’s gift to humanity. The moment we enter any one of these places, he seems to forget I exist…’coz then he is totally in HIS zone. And the worrrrsssst part is, he insists that I tag along like the hutch puppy!

  6. >ha ha ha …hilarious. it’s a male thing…..tell him you’re not browsing along anymore and you’ll instead spend time shopping for girlie stuff during that time…he’ll buy the very next system he lay his eyes on and will deter from any conversation of shopping for a while 😀

  7. >Men and their toys. But I am a gadget geek too, so I can empathize.

  8. DewdropDream says:

    >The next time someone gives me that cliche about women going shopping for four hours and then buying the first thing they saw, I’m going to show them this post of yours!HAs it been bought then?

  9. SSQuo says:

    >Oh gosh! I would never be able to do this. My sister was visiting and they wanted to do this whole speakers, home theatre stuff, and gosh, the very talk of it tired me. Luckily, Oquai took on the responsibility of guiding them. I agree, you should have the final choices sent to you and you should only provide final word!

  10. The knife says:

    >I love listening to music. Kainaz doesn’t. So our music listening is confined to ear phones during walks and our neighbour who plays the opera in the morning

  11. Mukta says:

    >ooh yeah! go to juhu! whilst he is at Croma (i’m guessing thats where you are headed), you go to the Shoppers Stop and check out their FCUK connection! Vewwy vewwy nice!I wish I had more money! :-(Ooh! but go to juhu…you’ll have a good time!

  12. mindspace says:

    >we call it blissful married life..~Tara

  13. gul says:

    >must 've been a really taxin… lol.. i can imagine!!this happens to me all the time, but (un)fortunately, m husband s as much into clothes n shoes as he s into gadgets… so when we r shoppin for HIM, i literally hav beg, whine n cry for him to stop :(aaah, but sure its fun when we r shopping for meee ;)btw we usually buy the gadgets online, it saves a lota time n energy 🙂 try it sumtime!

  14. Ketan says:

    >Hi!Funny post!Thank your stars, your hubby floats only towards higher-wattage music systems and not higher-wattage something else. No, I don't have a hubby to speak from experience… well maybe, just a bit of introspection 😉 And, no I don't have a wife, either.Does your hubby know about your blog and that you scheme with your fellow bloggers as to how best to spoil his sundays?I write your tone of writing–filled with enthusiasm, yet with a hint of sense of responsibility.Take care.PS: My blog has a hit-counter, too!

  15. Ketan says:

    >Uh oh!I comment through my cell and didn't realize that my comment on your post–'Rambling post' had got saved. I just didn't know about comments moderation on your blog, and thought that my comment wasn't published, and hence the repetition of what I like about your blog, and that my blog has a hit counter. Of course, a mere repetition won't make those facts any less valid. 🙂

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