>Rambling Post


Sister – in – law came visiting from Delhi last week. With 7 yr old daughter in tow. So moi donned work hat, rushed to office, rushed back early, changed into tourist guide hat….and this continued for a good 5 days. Hubby of course made lovely guest appearances at dinner, smiled at the kid, made all the right noises and made himself scarce the rest of the time. No amount of hissing- you’re being rude – helped. Can’t blame the poor man though, his company has launched a new product so things are pretty busy there as well.

Anyway, I saw Mumbai through very new eyes. Playing tourist guide to a 7 yr old is a different game altogether. So the aquarium ( on marine drive), museum type of places got heavy attention, while the popular nightspots- so much a part of my tour guides – were obviously given a miss….I’m actually guilty of not even knowing of the aquarium’s existence before this. It was rather interesting. I only wish the place would look slightly less dilapidated.

Not having any kids myself, I found it fascinating, and rather alarming too to admit the truth, at how two grown women in their thirties were complete putty in the hands of this pint sized girl.

I must say, however, it was an enjoyable time, though I was very, very tired by the time they left on Sunday morning.
I also had one major scare over the weekend. My blog’s hit counter stopped working. Aargh! I mean, what is there in life worth looking forward to apart from hubby’s love and the hit counter. And not necessarily in that order. I discovered this calamity on friday. All weekend I had no chance of getting near my laptop. That I lost my sleep would be an understatement. So come Monday morning the first thing I tackled was this particular problem. Aaah. Life is good again.
I’ve decided that there is more to Shilpa Shetty than just her perfect waist. I kinda liked her conduct during the IPL. No rushing off to the field to give hugs to her team ( I found Ms Zinta’s huggy thing very cute last year, this year it just put me off) and no childish acts of disowning the team when they lost…..
I went for a pedicure to this herbal place. They put rose petals in my pedicure basin. Yeah. 5 of them. I counted.
I’ve also decided that I’m going to stop this disappearing act from the blog. I will try and post more often. So see ya soon…

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32 Responses to >Rambling Post

  1. BlueMist says:

    >I so agree with first part. my siter-in-laws daughter have me at her service whenever we meet. I miss all those relaxing pedicure sessions :-|and last bit —YAY !!

  2. Rajeev R says:

    >well, yes…write more often…your writing helps me understand psyche quite beautifully….just from the everyday rambles.You write beautifully….Rajhttp://bharatmelange.blogspot.com

  3. >Yes, continuity is good always if possible. Keep writing.

  4. Iya says:

    >5 petals and they must have charged a bomb…i have a whole lot of people from in laws side coming over in june.. and then i’ll be busy multitasking..and good to see ur counter working..i was obssessed with watching it every day when i had put it on my page..now i am kinda use to it..

  5. Scarlett says:

    >You SHOULD post more often, you're good at it!! :)When my sister's sis-in-law comes visiting with her hyperactive 2 yr old, it's a pain for everyone involved! It takes 3 people to manage that 2 yr old kid – his mom, his grandmom & my sister! No wonder she hates it when her sis-in-law visits…Lol

  6. mindspace says:

    >My sis is in Mumbai with her 5 year old boy, other than aquarium, where n all did u take them? maybe i will suggest my bro to plan taking them there.. how about nehru science centre?~Tara

  7. JustSo says:

    >@ ur comment on my blog… u must have landed there through your statcounter,I keep lurking at your space :)good thing you got it up and running.

  8. Mumbai Diva says:

    >BlueMist: pedicures are a need not a luxury…i live by that mantra :)rajeev r: thank youhobo : yes, i will tryIya : of course they did. and thanks for the advice. i just reinstalled it all over again.scarlett: i know. pesky but adorable.mindspace : i took them on the ferry ride at gateway of india, a quieter stretch on the juhu beach, the mueseum at fort, the nehru centre at worli the victoria ride on marine drive, she loved selecting donuts at mad over donuts on the carter road stretch.JustSo: Aha, perhaps.thanks for delurking…. 🙂

  9. The knife says:

    >i saw the aquarium during a Mumbai Darshan trip when I had first come here for a presetation for my summers. My wife who has grown up here has never been there I think. I’ve not seen the museum or the zoo. Though I sent my bro to the museum when he visited me when he was in school

  10. Bullshee says:

    >I still find Preity Zinta’s hugs very nice….Sigh! She hugs them so well!!!Lucky @##@$@#@#

  11. >5 rose petals :), that’s the most random thing i’ve heard in a while hee hee hee 🙂

  12. Sakshi says:

    >what is there in life worth looking forward to apart from hubby’s love and the hit counter….lolz at this statement. Yeah I was obsessed wit it too and still I think am hooked to it…So glad to hear that you donned all the hats perfectly…care to take my 4 year old son to the aquarium?? he asks so many questions that I feel like am a total idiot walking on this planet 🙂

  13. Meira says:

    >5 petals…are you lucky. 😛

  14. Meira says:

    >My in laws are visiting…and I have so many h(orror)ilarious stories…but I’m scared they’l discover the blog someday 😀

  15. Serendipity says:

    >Hahahaha. Did u do the Freespirit Floral Foot Facial at Lakme? 😀

  16. D says:

    >Interesting week on the whole, we can say?

  17. >i like five petals. almost cleopatraish no?that reminds me i need a pedicure.

  18. DeeplyDip says:

    >u know what…i never use a counter! i only check my alexa ranking or check on google analytics…(with me being away for so long, i dare not look at it now!)its so true when your guests include kids…i face it all the time when my family, or friends come with their kids…the outings are so different – dinners would be to mcdonalds and kids friendly brunch places, alocohol takes a back seat and face painters and bouncies become a priority 🙂

  19. Mumbai Diva says:

    >the knife : it’s a bit dilapidated . but good fun. You can visit it if you too have some kiddie relatives visiting…:)bullshee 😉 ya ya sure sureA: Really, honest. :Dsakshi : errr…sorry but i think i’m done with the aquarium :)meira : no no don’t. VERY sensitive relationships!!Ser 😀 No it was a herbal place…near home…i just walked in…D : Yup…so it wascynic : That depends if cleopatra too was forking out 500 bucks for it :)DeeplyDip : ahh you too have been thru these enlightening experiences…

  20. >Look who’s come out!! With all bright and twinkling eyes!! :-)Will be on the look out for you now. We also went to chokhi dhani the other day- not a bad place,but bit too far off from the city

  21. >men are like that around relatives :Psounds like you had a good time after all.and oh,you write well 🙂

  22. Cuckoo says:

    >First time here… welcome to Bombay! I know what you mean, pre-baby I’d no idea where the aquarium was either 🙂

  23. SMM says:

    >Hey Dipika…had visited the aquarium from school :pAnd I agree…pedicures are a necessity for me too. I feel so relaxed after its all done.

  24. SSQuo says:

    >What is this hit counter you talk about that is giving you sleepless nights??I remember the acquarium, although I only knew it coz I once had to wait for someone and did so outside it!

  25. Blogeswari says:

    >HeyWhich parlor is this? Me too wants to go

  26. >interesting week eh?and f-i-v-e petals??:D Well pedicures are fun, with or without the petals no?

  27. Shanu says:

    >Hey first time here..loved ur post!! As not experienced in baccha tourist guide thingi will not comment on it but saw sumtin wen scrollin dwn ur comments tat i completely agree to..Pedicures are a necessity not a luxury 🙂

  28. >LOL @ the worry over the hit counter!! I feel the same way 🙂 I mean "what is there in life worth looking forward to apart from hubby’s love and the hit counter"5 rose petals…!

  29. Vidooshak says:

    >Came here from parul's blog. Very interesting and funny. Haven't read all posts yet, but this rambling post is my favorite already. Having lived over a decade in Bombay, am guilty of having no clue about the aquarium either. Or any tourism there apart from the Gateway and Juhu Beach. We were just too busy catching local trains, I guess 🙂

  30. ani_aset says:

    >i agree, i went to the aquarium when i was 13 year old, and now when i go there i pity the condition that it is in.keep posting.

  31. Ketan says:

    >Hi!I like your tone of writing. Lot of enthusiasm, yet with a hint of some sense of responsibility lurking in the background.Will read a few more posts and comment on them, too :)Take care.PS: My blog too has a hit-counter, and not to mention a comments' page for each post 😉

  32. P says:

    >growing up in the city I visited all these places and can almost feel the little girl's excitement! its contagious isnt it? PS – did you take her to the planetarium? if not, you have one spot filled up for round 2 🙂

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