>Mundane stuff


Sometimes, the most mundane, repetitive tasks can be sooo de stressing.

For eg, once I reach home, post office and traffic battles, I love to pick up clothes drying on the clothesline, fold them neatly and put them away.

This simple, mindless task has an unbelievably calming effect on me. Those 7-10 minutes help me to switch out of work, sort out my jumbled brain, slow down the speed of my thoughts, get out of any angst I may be feeling towards a co worker/client/the irritatingly slow driver in front of me and feel happier and more relaxed. And enjoy the only meal one has with hubby………….

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15 Responses to >Mundane stuff

  1. BlueMist says:

    >Oh absolutely. I can not agree more. I think I have always looked forward to get into the kitchen after office and get lost in that world of spices cutting myself off from the outer world. 🙂

  2. Iya says:

    >he it can. what do i do once i get home – switch on the laptop and start work again. i seriously need a real life.

  3. Scarlett says:

    >Thank God you changed the pink background! :PFor me, the switch off-calm down activity is listening to radio on my phone on my way back home (radio only, no IPOD music) & having a cup of tea before I move on with my life. The cup of tea is like closing the chapter to the day at work.

  4. Sakshi says:

    >Sigh…so glad to know that am not the only one who loves to fold laundry..the only diff here is that I don't take them out of a clothesline but from a dryer…but I take great care and the whole time in the world to sort them out and fold it…such a mind rejuvenating task it is….

  5. Rush says:

    >ur name fascinated and got me here..lovely blog

  6. Meira says:

    >I've started realizing that too :DThough cleaning up after the husband is still something I grumble about :DYou feeling better?

  7. Nimpipi says:

    >Oh I know what you mean. Same same. I like ironing clothes. i find it most therapeutic. That and watering plants.. haii.. why do we have to go to office i say:)

  8. >Diva, will you fold my clothes too :). I hate folding the laundry. I cannot think of doing any house work when i get back from work. Of course that is not an option. I usually like to sit down for few minutes and browse the net. If I REALLY REALLY have to do some houseowrk, then I cut vegetables in front of the TV.But i get your point of the need to unwind and doing mundane stuff. so need.

  9. Aparna says:

    >Folding laundry? I leave that to my mom-in-law. For me, nothing else works as well as a thorough cleaning of something…like the toaster or the microwave. Its like brushing the cobwebs away from my mind.

  10. >my only way of unwinding is facebook! i just have to connect with frens at the end of teh day. i know what u saying… but i am the laziest arse i know of and hate any household chore, i do them just because i have to 🙂

  11. >Oh yay, no traffic for me 🙂

  12. Bullshee says:

    >Ha ha ha! You're right! Some things we do let us make sense of the world…For me, its repeatedly refreshing Orkut to check for new scraps for 10-15 minutes. The same thing again and again… :-)And then I have to enjoy my only meal with hubby…I mean wifey…I mean girlfriend…Oh yea, I just remembered I'm single. Phew!

  13. Mumbai Diva says:

    >BlueMist: dear god! kitchen I do not enter. 🙂 Ah well. At least we agree on principal.Iya: 😦 You do. that bad?Scarlett: This was my original layout when I started the blog. I like it better too :)sakshi: you have a dryer that dries clothes completely? I am jealous. Mine semi dries. They still need to go out on the clothes line.rush: thank you. stick around :)meira: ah the start of the married life…Nimpipi:only for the salary, darling, only for the salary.A: very important to unwind. or else land up being in the same frame of mind…leads to domestic disasters of the fight kind !!:)Aparna: I can understandISH: ah facebook is good toolostonthestreet: you lucky youbullshee: LOVE your blog

  14. SMM says:

    >Your most welcome to come and fold my laundry any day. That's one task I hate doing. I generally do somhting like dusting or tidyin up to help clear my head 🙂

  15. >Before I left for college my chore list consisted of putting the clothes out for drying and then when are done drying it was my job to sort them out. I never did like this chore, but washing dishes was my fav. I did a lot of thinking in that 10 mins!But now that I am in college and back home only for vacations I am exempted from ALL chores!! Life is good when I see my siblings slog around! Evil me

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