Are you a shopaholic? Do you feel the need to buy shoes, clothes, curtains, cushions, lipsticks…err.. soap dispensers at regular intervals? Do you dread opening your cupboard because you know closing it again is going to be a daunting task? Do you still open it, stare inside mournfully, and tell the air around you “I have nooo clothes”?!

I am a shopaholic. And what better proof of that than the fact that about a year back I bought a waffle maker. What to do? I had visions of pottering about the kitchen making yum waffle breakfasts. Post purchase, I kind of realized that I hate pottering about the kitchen on Sundays. (And sunday breakfasts are so hubby’s domain- but another post on that) And so, that was that. The waffle maker is sitting pretty in my bed box. Yup. Not even in the kitchen….so there’s not even a remote hope that the poor thing will be able to display its skills.

What brought this on? On Sunday, while on a random shelf cleaning spree, I came across a body brush – with extra hard bristles on one side ‘for the stubborn cellulite on your thighs’ and soft bristles on the other side ‘for those jiggling arms’!! I don’t even remember when I bought the offensive article. But I’m sure at whichever place I bought it, I must have stood looking longingly at it convinced that if I didn’t buy it NOW, the heavens would collapse!


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30 Responses to >Shopaholic!

  1. >haha.. well, the answer to all those questions in the paragraph would be a loud and clear YES!!am such a shopaholic..i have a few wierd things on the list but no waffle maker or a body brush..lol 🙂 fun read

  2. >lol…. shopping is like therapy for some :PNot an avid shopper!

  3. Ersa says:

    >lol…that was funny…but no, i'm not a shopaholic…yay!

  4. >Lol! I turn into a shopaholic on occasion, but usually I like to think of myself as a sensible buyer 🙂

  5. Sakshi says:

    >Ahh soul mate where were you all these years to give me a shoulder to cry on?? Yup am a shopoholic and I buy things from snow globes to under garments on a whim..but there is one thing I always calculate, make a list, provide a budget and shop for…SHOES….it's always at the top of my shopping list…sigh!!!!

  6. BlueMist says:

    >gosh u so much sound like me 😦 my sympathies !

  7. Scarlett says:

    >I have never heard of such a bodybrush! Does it exist?? More importantly, does it work?

  8. mindspace says:

    >i refrain from buying things which are of not immediate use. Coz for the nomads like us, its not easy feeling to dispose them off while moving. But I enjoy window shopping(provided husband is not along with me, for he conveniently gets a headache every such time. I agree that it acts as a therapy :)~Tara

  9. Mumbai Diva says:

    >ISH:I'm hopeless too. But it's just so much therapy!!eye-in-sty-in : i'm jealous!! nah, i'm just joking. I love shopping :)Ersa:)Mystic Margarita: For me it's also a stress buster thing, unfortunately. But yes. i have put controls in place.sakshi : et tu? shoes are my favourite too.BlueMist: and mine for you :)Scarlett : OH YES. You could begin by trying The Body Shop. Nah…..I doubt they work. Who would exercise otherwise???!!!tara: yup…my hubby gets a headache too!!

  10. D says:

    >I'm a shopaholic too but I feel a compelling need to justify any purchase I make by using the article I've shopped for, however superfluous! And if I can't find any use for it at all, I give it away to someone who will! So I actually feel better for shopping something that's useless to me 🙂

  11. >my answer to ALL the questions is YES :D''I have NOO clothes '':Dthis was a fun read :))PS:-now I am working on it..:))no faltu buys since whats been ages :))

  12. >ha ha ha…what are you saying…..your highness the dina has for those jiggling arms? from that face..I think not :)once upon a time yes, I was a shopaholic!…now i'm more cautious….or so I think :D..but only when it comes to kitchen stuff..because i seem to use them only once and then forget about it….and I have no space in my small kitchen :(.i still do impulse buying sometimes…like few days back i bought on of those weight lost package while the ad was going on, on TV. How Pathetic I am :)I'm still a shopaholic when it comes to shoes…others I can hold on 🙂

  13. Meira says:

    >Shoes for me, anyday. And yes, it IS a stress buster and at times I do feel I need to control myself. But then I reassure myself saying its better than tucking into bowls of ice creams and chocolate. At least it doesn't go to waist 😛

  14. >Oh I am just like you. But mostly on clothes. But unlike you I am still under the rule of my parents and they have totally restricted my shopping sprees. My mum now comes with me when I go to the mall!! They have no problem if I USE what I buy, but I just DON'T!!

  15. Aparna says:

    >Shoes, bags and lipsticks. I can never have enough of them. I draw a line at waffle makers though.

  16. gul says:

    >lol, tht was funny :)you kno i hav been contemplatin bout buyin a waffle maker myself… but its sure gonna end up in some cupboard n neva see the light of the day!!! jus like so many other things i bought :(so yea m a shopaholic (n my husband s even a bigger one!!)First time to your blog n already lovin it :)Gul

  17. >I love CP – Delhi to be shopaholic.

  18. Bedazzled says:

    >This is sooo me .. i am a horrendous shopaholic .. have a weakness for accessories,shoes,cosmetics and clothes ..ok i forgot stationery and baking supplies .. wait did i forget books,candles and cds ..well, almost anything !.. i just get this high when i step into a nice shop .. u r cellulite body brush takes the cake 🙂

  19. DewdropDream says:

    >How funny is that, I've a waffle maker too!!! Was a lifelong dream to buy one (and I was 22 then! man am I disturbed or what :P) … did use it a whole lot! Not quite a shopaholic, the Voice of Reason is a bloody dictator I tell ya… still, it can't stop me buying books 😀

  20. Serendipity says:

    >Aye. Shopoholic in da house. 🙂

  21. >YES YES YES to all of the above… at any point of time even if my wardrobe is like stuffed I have no clothes and no shoes and certainly no bags and cosmetics lol

  22. ani_aset says:

    >haha,…funny it was..i make a list before i go shopping..and you :P?

  23. Iya says:

    >what a body brush!!me no shopaholic..i buy only those things which i am so sure i'll need some day or the other, surely hubby doesnt feel sobut then he loves to disagree with me..

  24. Mumbai Diva says:

    >D :hmmmm, that's a nice thing to do.Indyeahforever: I see you have will power :))A: Oh God, shoes…groan, don't even get me started on that….Meira: LOL, I like that justification…i should use that on myself..atleast I'm not eating…Zeba: I know, most stuff just looks so inviting sitting there…one just has to cave in.Aparna: 🙂 I honestly thought i would use it.Gul: Thanks for dropping by :)Hobo: Oh CP is awesome…all that janpath stuffBedazzled: I'm beginning to think so too about my body brush. DewdropDream: You actually made the waffles?… 😀 WowSer: :)Monika:hmmm…you sound like meAni_Asset: Nope no lists. sometimes only when I'm going grocery shoppingIya: It's just a brush, like a loofah, but to be used on a dry body. Apparently it helps increase blood circulation and breaks down the cellulite or fatty deposits…..

  25. >lol..shopping is really a hectic task believe me n that too if u have a female shopping…then its like a marathon!!!

  26. Solilo says:

    >My answer to all those questions is a resound YES! I have no clothes, no shoes… :))Body Brush?! :DI too have some things which I find very useful in the shop but remains untouched at home. One is a curling iron I bought some 3-4 years ago still packed.

  27. >Aah well I am the total opposite.If possible I would pay people to do my clothes shopping for me. :-/ The partner infact is the ideal consumer.Pick it up and then wonder why you bought it 🙂

  28. Divya says:

    >:P that sounds so much like me :Pi do the "i have nooo clothes" bit way too often for anyones good. all i have now is a ton of clothes out of which I wear like 10%..thanks for the compliment you left me on my blog 😀

  29. WSW says:

    >Yes I am one.Terrible is the feeling that one goes through on seeing depleted bank balance and CC statements.But I totally get you when you say "if I dont buy this RIGHT NOW, heavens will collapse."I have some 10 shampoo bottles right now-one is herbal, one is volumising, one manages tangles, the others give me my secret power to fly :PThis is just an example, I can very well end up writing a post in ur comment space.God save me!

  30. Shanu says:

    >Lol..man i am such a shopoholic and soo relate to the I dont have any clothes statementMy mom would choose to refute that claim though 😛

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