>Some songs……


This is when I had my quaint little shop in Delhi. This shop had an even quainter music system that would only play tapes. Yes, those things called cassettes. During that time I caught a song somewhere. I think it was on TV. That song had the potential to make me feel sad at times, totally and moonily in love with hubby at others and at times it would make me so happy. Yes. It was one of those songs. You know, the ones that give you goose bumps. The ones where you fall in love with the song, the lyrics and the artiste.

So I bought a tape of the album and ran it over and over and over……..

It annoyed me tremendously that the song was not breaking records and climbing up the charts.

The song is called ‘Abhi Nahin Aana’. And it’s by a beautiful singer called Sona Mohapatra.

Why did I bring this up? Because I met the girl today for work reasons. And I loved her. And I’m so glad she is the way she is. She embodies and lives up to that song. If she wasn’t, I would have felt very disappointed. For me the song stands for certain qualities and characteristics and it would have broken my heart to meet someone where it was very clear that she had only lent the voice for commercial reasons. She is that song. She believes in her music and will not compromise.

Here’s a link to the song…. You may like. But again, you may not. I LOVE IT.

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20 Responses to >Some songs……

  1. >yup some songs just hit the right cord..even though if they are not doing that well and was on top of the charts.even i heard this song for the first time today…!!nice to know that she didn't disappoint u!!!tk

  2. D says:

    >Please tell me more about this shop! I'm so curious

  3. Ersa says:

    >hearing it for the first time…good one 🙂

  4. >i did like it. first time hearing this song and I did like it. yes, from the moment the guitar piece started I did like it. this woman reminds me of a friend of mind 🙂 who has a decent voice and similar features.and i also like the description though small, of the shop. some songs hit a chord and hit the same chord over and over again for different moods and emotions. music is so powerful, no?

  5. >thanks for sharing… I thought it was ok. maybe its one of those songs that grow on you….

  6. Bedazzled says:

    >heard it for the first time.. nice.. i mite start liking it .. a lot .. it kinda grows over u , i guess !

  7. Iya says:

    >I am in love with this song.. first time I heard it was when my sister sang it. She sings like a dream. and I know the goose bumps. I get it every time neha sings it. it has played in loop my car and on my laptop. its eerie reading u on this song as I thought me and sis where the only 2 crazy souls..

  8. >Some songs do that to you! I am in "office" (been dying to tell that to someone!) so no speakers here! Will check out the song later.

  9. Priya says:

    >hey..first time here on your blog..i loved your style of writing…you write it in such an organized manner….reading your blog is as neat a feeling as looking at your blog.i always dream of writing in an organized way but eventually i fail…read many of your posts..beautifully written. and yeah, i thought this song will hardly draw anyone's attention..but there you are…i too love this song…hoping too see from of your writings…till then..bye..:D

  10. aneri_masi says:

    >Thanks for posting it. I had never heard it, loved it!

  11. Meira says:

    >Oh it is a lovely song. Even we played it on loop for days :)Sona has sung it so damn beautifully 🙂

  12. Dil se says:

    >Hey.. Couldn't hear the song here at work but I'll definitely check it out from home. Liked your blog and blogrolled you.

  13. Mukta says:

    >it IS a lovely song!

  14. Aparna says:

    >I had not heard of this before.There are some songs that remain with you forever. I am glad the singer did not disappoint you.

  15. Mumbai Diva says:

    >NR: you're right some songs just hit the right cord…D : 🙂 I stocked quirky, hand crafted accessories and gifty stuff. All sourced from whacky, small time designers. Some stuff I designed myself and got it made…..ersa: glad you liked itA: Oh yes…music is very powerful….it's my stress bustereye-in-sty-in : yes it does grow on you :)bedazzled :)iya : i knew you liked it !!! :):)zeba: well…hope you like it.priya : you are the second person recently who's called me organized. strangely i always thought i was a cluttered person. just goes to show how perceptions about one's own self can also be wrong sometime !aneri_masi: glad you liked itmeira: oh, you like it too? goody!dil se : thanks for blogrolling memukta: absolutely!aparna: i know…for eg. there are some songs that my dad used to play on his old tape recorder eons back…some of them i still hum though no radio/TV channel plays them anymore…

  16. Pesto Sauce says:

    >Very poignant song

  17. >Good lyrics.Good presentation.Thanks for posting.A song made for soul.

  18. Meira says:

    >ello, howdy. Long time no see? Things ok in your part of the world:D?

  19. >Hey where are you. Everything ok? Missing you. Come back soon from wherever you are

  20. Minal says:

    >Wow- I thought it was just me who had discovered this song- I simply love it!

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