>Point of View

>When I look up from my laptop at the work station, this is what I see……

So obviously I keep looking up from my laptop too many times for comfort. Or shall I say the more accurate – sometimes I look down at my laptop 🙂 . ( Uh Oh. If anyone from office is reading this, please understand that the previous sentence was only for effect and drama!!). But really, I do have a lovely view of the skies from my work station. Especially now when the skies are all grey, it rains intermittently and it’s absolutely beeyoootiful.

Apart from the many things that Mumbai has taught me, appreciating and adjusting to the monsoons is one. I’ve mostly lived in Delhi. Delhi’s version of the monsoon is intermittent drizzle or torrential pour depending on the mood of the skies; followed by some uprooted trees lying decoratively on cars and huge traffic snarls. Similar to what happens in Mumbai. The only difference? In Delhi this lasts for a week, 2 if it’s a good monsoon. In Mumbai this lasts for 2 months, 3 if it’s a good monsoon.

In Delhi, it was easy to fold up your life and pack it away for a week. Sit at home and have chai and bunk college. Or struggle to work, sit in office and drink chai and bunk work mentally!!

But not so in Mumbai. One can’t pack away one’s life for 2 months, right? So you wear your not–best slippers, carry a trendy umbrella ( I would never be seen with one in delhi), wear sturdy black and step out and carry on with life and work. With stoic determination. There are, of course, tricks to survive all of this. Never looking down at the ground is one of them. Nu-uh. It’s too messy. But the greenery around, beautiful.

Even the monsoons in both these cities are so typically different…..Delhi monsoons encourage you to slow down, enjoy your cup of tea, and chill ( and also sometimes feel blue – completely personal view). Mumbai monsoons push you to find your emergency supply of patience, curse the administration and yet leave you feeling exhilarated.

To enjoy the monsoon better, the Diva and hubby are determined to actually do a ‘weekend getaway’ this weekend, something we have not been able to do so far in Mumbai. Possibly to nearby Khandala. OR ANYWHERE. Given the fact both of us have been down with the beastly viral, a much required break would be wonderful!
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17 Responses to >Point of View

  1. Iya says:

    >and b'lore monsoons make u romantic and then a little sullen. somtimes its nostalgia and then other times its this calmness. but yes, they are beautiful. u got to live here to get that feel

  2. Meira says:

    >Good gracious! How DO you get any work done with that beauty and the rains pattering right across your desk?And go go…have some fun.

  3. Goofy Mumma says:

    >Oh! you are so lucky enjoying the monsoon. If you don't mind, i would suggest an outing to Silvassa, the drive through greenery will leave you refreshed, and its a little off the beaten path. Khanadala is amazing too though in this season.

  4. mindspace says:

    >mumbai keeps you busy enough to stop n enjoy the rains… now that i am away i miss it.. lonavala-khandala in monsoons is a must must.. you almost walk along with the clouds and its like a dreamland.. pls post one or two pics of there when u return n tk cr…

  5. >Never looking down at the ground can be hazardous to health…I've put my foot into an open drain once..had to soak it in dettol before i could go into my house.

  6. >woman you have resurfaced. I was wondering what happened and then saw the viral tweet on twitter. you're making me miss my workstation in GE….but that was long time ago…and I do have a better view now :)in mumbai monsoon..it's very very very important to look up always….now you're making me miss mumbai too. hav eyou seen the big fat rats that come out during the rain?

  7. Serendipity says:

    >have fun :)Try Bhandhardhara..

  8. SMM says:

    >Go to Alibag. Its beautiful at this time of the ye. or go for a drive on the Bombay-Pune highway or take a train to Pune. Its lovelyyyy. I loved doing that route at time of the eyar.And I miss Bombay/ Cal monsoons here in Delhi

  9. >U have not done the bushy dam yet?? u shd go there! Have a vada-pav and cutting chai while getting wet in the dam…. mast fun!

  10. Scarlett says:

    >I thought I had seen the worst of monsoons in Bombay till I saw the Calcutta monsoons. The rain here is several times more intense than that in Bombay, and it's accompanied by lightning as you've never seen in your life! And ofcourse, the civic administration is worse than Bombay. The entire city is under water, similar to what Parel becomes when it pours in Bombay.

  11. Bedazzled says:

    >get well soon ! .. and hope hubby and u manage to take off this weekend ..

  12. >Mumbai Rains – each year same storyThe best is to visit khandala/lonavala & enjoy-enjoy.

  13. Miss M says:

    >Oh all these posts on the Indian monsoon is making me homesick. I miss the bombay rains! But the only memory I have of the rainy season in Bombay is shopping for gum-boots and raincoats and umbrellas to be well-prepared for school. Lovely post! :)And first time commenting here, though I've been reading you for quite some time. 🙂

  14. Arjun says:

    >…a tale of 2 cities…I have stayed in both too.spent most of my life in Bombay but now SETTLED in the NCR!!!rain evokes different emotions here as compared to Bombay… nd no one thinks we'll get even a day off (as is customary) due to the rain

  15. >Have been waiting for a post for long..!!! :)Finally it came..Like they say "Better late than never.." 🙂

  16. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Iya: I think monsoons are like that….sometimes romantic, sometimes extremely boring.Meira: 🙂 Well, there is a strong glass which I can't tamper with, sigh! But yes the view is awesome.Goofy Mumma: I know I've heard a lot of silvassa. I'll try it. The ony problem is getting the bookings done beforehend. It's so difficult to decide beforehand and then last minute one just does not get any booking.mindpace: no photos anymore….but yes one trip to lonavala is a must in the monsoonsAustralopithecus: eeks…yes I know what you mean. I saw a road just cave in once. Just.Like.That. Scary….A: Yes I've seen the rats. And the leeches. I also spotted some fungal growth on one of my doors. Went into complete panic and had the whole house disinfected.Ser: Yes. Yes. When i can actually slip away.SMM: Ah Delhi. But i miss the thunder and lightening in delhi ;)eye-in-sty-in: I will :)scarlett: I know. I've lived in Calcutta for a bit. Though that year there weren't really very heavy monsoons there. But yes, surprisingly, there's no lightening here in bombay.bedazzled: thanks. tried and failed…yet again!! :(Miss M: Thanks for reading. And please comment more often :)Arjun: gurgaon?noida?ghaziabad? i've stayed in gurgaon. Had begun to find the place boring after 3 years.manisha: 🙂

  17. ani_aset says:

    >hehe..i too get a nice view of clouds from this big window of my office, with a hill in the background..when all one feels like is just take a book and read..with pakoras for company I liked the comparison of delhi and mumbai rains..it was spot on

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