>Stressful Times


A harrowing 16 hour bus ride into the mountains of northern India for an offsite and a 14 hour ride back!

A complete and total non co operation from personal laptop which had to be sent back to the service centre.

A relapse of the viral, the only consolation being that right now all of Mumbai seems to have it too.

A pitter patter of rain into my kitchen through the roof which seems to be unyielding to all water proofing treatments.

Work, well, let’s say not going too good.

And, worse of all, blog hit counter not moving ahead at all.

Stressful times, indeed.

On a cheery note, I have gone back to the gym. With rain and all, the running schedule was going for a toss. Same brand of gym but a branch closer to home. So I may access it on weekends as well. Still with a very high quotient of bollywood type people. So, still providing high doses of humor.

And I am going to Goa. In a couple of weeks’ time. I have carefully booked for the next long weekend well in advance. Flight tickets and place of stay. You have nooooo idea how much I’m looking forward to that.

On that note, I will buzz off. I am writing this from office. I mostly pen down my posts at home and use the office laptop only for reading blogs purposes 😉


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17 Responses to >Stressful Times

  1. Sakshi says:

    >Ok count that one hit from me. I know how stressful it is when the counter doesn't move and worse when there is no trickling in of comments five minutes after you post…Sigh! I wish I could look forward to an India Trip in the coming weeks?

  2. >would you believe it.The BF had planned a surprise trip to goa,on the 14th weekend for my bday, but I got it cancelled.!!!! :-)Blog hits not increasing? That can indeedbe traumatic.As for me, I have given up hopes…

  3. mindspace says:

    >i want to go to goa so so so badly.. how i wish even i could go.. just escape the hot dubai sand :(all is well that ends well :)am talking of ur post. since u ended it on a cheerful note.

  4. Miss M says:

    >Goa! I wanna go too! :(Have a fabulous time there! And come back with lotsa updates. 😉

  5. Miss M says:

    >Hehe so weird. I commented on your post just when you commented on mine! 🙂

  6. T says:

    >have fun at Goa…

  7. Dil se says:

    >Wow !! Welcome back after such a long break. Enjoy your trip to Goa. Hopefully that will take away some of the blues from the past days.

  8. Meira says:

    >16?:OOur drive back from our honeymoon was 16 hours and I'l never forgive the husband for not booking tickets in advance!But viral? You take care girl. Things that keep you away from blogland are not welcome. And pics from Goa for moi…never been there. sob.

  9. >Hey! enjoy the goa vacation and have fun. hope the rain continue – but not thru ur roof and that you feel better from the viral.

  10. Aparna says:

    >Goa is so lovely. But you may miss out on the dolphin tour if it is raining. They shut down during monsoon I think.No hits? I completely understand. Can be quite stressful. Take care, the viral can sap all your strength and energy. My daughter is still recovering from it.

  11. SMM says:

    >have fun in Goa…I just gt back from a super short trip to Mahabaleshwar.We drove from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar – super fun, though i left my chikki behind in Bombay :(have fun in Goa and get well soon…you don't ant to be ill on your vacations

  12. D says:

    >Stressful indeed. But the Goa break looks promising. Have fun!

  13. Suree says:

    >sometimes everything happens at a time …have fun at goa ….

  14. WSW says:

    >chalo lemme do my bit at reducing ur stress just a lil by increasing the hit and comment counter!Goa…funnn!!enjoi maadi!

  15. Miss M says:

    >You've been missing for too long!

  16. Zeba says:

    >streeful times indeed. dont give up. u can do it. the counter will move. one day it will!! hehe

  17. SSQuo says:

    >Goa sounds exciting, where are you going to stay which part? Pls eat some rechado prawns and fish for me!! Pls pls pls.

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