>My laptop is back. Yay!


After being at the service centre for 3 whole weeks, it is finally back. With a brand new keypad. Oh, how I missed it. No blogging has happened for quite some time now and I’ve missed that. There are several half written drafts lying around in the office which have been dutifully transferred to this laptop and will shortly see the light of day as blogposts. Oh Joy!

We will, of course, begin with the mandatory travel recount of Goa (which, by the way, was an absolutely, sinfully delightful holiday). Not that there is any paucity of posts/ accounts etc of Goa on the net. But a visit to Goa warrants a post. Also there is something I wanted to share with you. I discovered that the whole experience of Goa can be quite different when living in a charming, well…, shack compared to pigging it out at a fancy resort. Which is better? That is reserved for the next post.

I’m off to surf, read, comment, enjoy, …and finish the travelogue.

See ya soon.

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14 Responses to >My laptop is back. Yay!

  1. Zeba says:

    >Congrats. I know the feeling. My Vaio recently came back from the service center as well!!

  2. BlueMist says:

    >Oh I know the joy of laptop being back and alright :Pand was wondering where the diva has disappeared 😀 so roll on the posts…

  3. >looking forward to the read girl! And its good to have you back.

  4. >Oh…I so know what you mean without the laptop! Mine was away for a week (getting the keypad replaced as well!) and it felt like I was missing part of my arm! 😛 Looking forward to your posts

  5. Indy says:

    >Looking forward to your posts!:)

  6. Meira says:

    >oh good! so we wait here…with the cold coffee with ice cream and some banana chips 😛

  7. Bedazzled says:

    >wooowwwiee!! shack!! blog abt it soon !!! and i know what it feels like without the lappie.. infact my lappie's my first husband 😉 .

  8. Miss M says:

    >I can understand the agonizing pain that comes with the separation from one's laptop. But three weeks? I would've died! :S Gah! I am so dependant on my laptop!I have done the fancy resort stuff. So I think I'll go for the charming shack for now. So fill us in with all the details! 😀

  9. abhi says:

    >looking for ur traveloblog

  10. SMM says:

    >Yayyy welcome back :)And good to know your back in full form – yourself & yur lapop 🙂

  11. >I know the feeling! My laptop won'y be back from the service centre till mid September 😦 Good to see you back!!

  12. >hello hello….it's been ages. how have you been. where are the Goa pics? missed you

  13. >..and if you leave the beaches alone and go to the interiors. try that next time round – waterfalls, dams, lakes, handicrafts

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