>Sunday Breakfast


The first year of marriage is a huge learning period. It is a period when the husband learns that the sweet woman he married, with big eyes adoringly looking up at him, willingly calling night a day and day a night if he said so had somehow altered into a woman who shrank from wet towels on the bed as if they were snakes, dictated weekend plans which somehow never included going to pubs with large screens to watch cricket matches, spent loads of money on different colored shoes and basically turned his life upside down.

I don’t know how the other husbands react, but my bright boy realized that forces had to be pressed into action to gain control of the situation.

So my bright boy came up with a plan. It was a simple plan.

The bright boy knew that women are, at heart, soft. They melt. They melt at endearing little combinations of tousled hair, goofy expressions and…….lovingly prepared breakfasts on Sundays!

And therein started the ‘Sunday breakfast by hubby’ ritual at home.

This ritual has been followed religiously for almost 7 years now; atleast whenever breakfast is at home. It has led to wife being very lovingly proud of husband, women friends being extremely jealous of wife and women friends’ husbands ready to box hubby’s ears!! And hubby getting away with leaving wet towels on the bed.

It is another matter that the state of the kitchen post all the breakfast making sometimes made the wife feel that perhaps she would be better off stopping all this show of love and culinary skills…..but…… what the heck! It’s just too endearing.

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18 Responses to >Sunday Breakfast

  1. Maddyy says:

    >and my husband makes it for me everyday and the special day is Sundays when I make breakfast :):).. but yes he does throw the wet towels on the bed and thinks all the chairs in the room are made for his clothes to rest comfortably!

  2. Meira says:

    >not that's a smart smart smart man. And smarter is the lady, me thinks too. Better a meal per week than none! Yes, I hate cooking too.

  3. Monika says:

    >had to had to say that it is ditto in our house hold too 🙂

  4. Mumbai Diva says:

    >maddyy: hmmm…the chair bit happens here too.Meira: yeah. i know. smart :)Bedazzled : :DMonika: Isn't it fun?

  5. >Adorable husband and super intelligent wife :). A very very cute post your diva-ness 😀

  6. >yeah so true 🙂 and the part about the aftermath of all that cooking by hubby resembles like a typhoon just exploded in your kitchen.

  7. BlueMist says:

    >My thoughts. but since I am getting ready made and yummy tasting food; I am ready to ignore the other side effects. 😀

  8. Dee says:

    >Awwww.. Thats soo sweet..My dad cannot cook to save his life but he has reached a healthy compromise with my mom.. On sunday's she is free from the kitchen.. They get breakfast from out, finish church & head out for lunch.. And dinner is ordered from out too..All's well for 30 years :)As for the DH, the less said, the more better 😦

  9. ani_aset says:

    >aww soo sweet 🙂

  10. SMM says:

    >Awww so cute :)My husband id quite a good cook and he sometimes urprised me with a lovely meal when I return home late 🙂

  11. Nu says:

    >Well, all husbands are more or less the same.. I mean to gain the control over situation and all that… 🙂 And it's an old trick-which is successful always-to allure women by cooking or gifting flowers or soft toys or making the bed or religiously putting the wet towel on the l\cloth line for some days to get their plans in place 😉 But I say..it's all is so worth right ?

  12. >My husband loves to cook, and does it very often… Loved reading this sweet, sweet post… more romantic than many a Mills & Boon 🙂

  13. soul speaks says:

    >hi, Thats really cool… so you had been having such romantic sundays for the last 7 years !!! Just great.Rekha

  14. Ramit says:

    >Usually my wife cooks breakfast and I cook dinner. That's the way it always has been I guess. Plus that's all that our work schedules allow us to do. And oh well, none of us leaves the wet towels on the bed… 🙂

  15. Showa says:

    >Stumbled on your blog. Good one(s) dude. I liked this one because it hit closer to home. Wet towels, grrrr……….They develop legs of their own climb up on the bed. I am trying to catch them before they do but never have been succesful. I also make breakfast on Sundays the non messy way. By exchanging money for Idlis. Liked your blog template. which is that. Check out mine (blog) at http://www.salarymantale.com. Caution, do not read it while drinking milk or beer as it might come out of your nose.

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