>Penchant for high rises.


No, this has nothing to do with buildings. It has to do with jeans.

I was at a multi brand outlet yesterday looking for some. Shopping for jeans always used to be such a regular affair. There were basically 2-3 styles. So one walked into an outlet, asked for a couple of styles in one’s waist size, tried them on, checked out butt, and walked away happy.

Not so anymore. One is dazzled with the array of shelves and shelves of bootcut, regular fit, comfort fit, relaxed fit, skinny jeans, jeweled jeans, cropped jeans…. However, in all this delicious vastness, I see only one problem. They are all ‘low rise’. Low Rise for those not in the know ( I wonder if any such people exist) are jeans which are dangerously low on the waist. Very sexy…until you sit down. I have not and never will be able to figure out this complete acceptance of low rise jeans by junta without batting an eyelid. I mean, come on people….your butt shows. It’s a yuck sight.

I eyed the shelves very doubtfully and wailed to the sales boy “ But I want regular fits in high rise.” I received a rather – here comes an absolute not with it aunty – kinda look. He scanned the shelves and said “ I have a mid rise, why don’t you try that?” Mid Rise? I mean, they sound like such an apology.

Left with no choice and in complete lack of decent jeans and the time to buy them in, I trotted into the trial room. After much huffing and puffing which seems to be the perpetual norm with me when in a trial room, I struggled into the jeans. I was still doubtful. So I peeked out of the room and asked the assistant hovering around to get me a stool. After a faintly puzzled look, I got one. I proceeded to sit on the stool.

Nah. My hunt for high rise jeans is on.

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18 Responses to >Penchant for high rises.

  1. Meira says:

    >whats more scandalous is hairy male butts on display, with 'JOCKEY' shining bright. Y.U.C.K!I first bought the 'low rise' jeans. Then bought some knee length kurtis so that I could sit comfortable. Then some shoes to make the 'aunty-ji' look seem bearable. Now I stick to skirts!

  2. >I had a pair of jean from USA- Levis StraussAnd I used the same for 5 years.Excellent quality jeans.

  3. Titaxy says:

    >lol…it is a yuck sight…that's why i avoid wearing those as much as possible and stick to my skirts, just like Meira 🙂

  4. >a yucksight? Nahh … not if you have a nice silky smooth butt!and wear nice chaddis … oh that's very important. Like Agent Green Glass said in a post recently. Low rise jeans with ugly underwear – totally not happening! and that is where a lot of Indian women mess it up. Also I have to agree with Meira -men who ditto that look bludy ugly!I wish GAP jeans were available in India though … they're the best – they got something for everybody, even the aunties 😉

  5. Silvara says:

    >Hahah they were all the rage here too and then thankfully came the era of high waisted jeans/skirts and cinch belts.It will come, don't give up hope….

  6. Bedazzled says:

    >hee hee !!! bang on !! let me know if u r quest for high rise comes thru.. i have been on that quest for a few years now … and dangerously being seen as a "borderline- aunty" cos i refuse to wear low rise ..

  7. Scarlett says:

    >Lol…If you ask me, I prefer low rise myself. I can see you rolling your eyes saying "Here comes another one!" but really…low rise gives a better shape to your butt & gives your body a better silhouette. And if you're careful everytime you sit, you can avoid the butt show. A good fitting belt helps 🙂

  8. Scarlett says:

    >Oh yeah…and you absolutely need sexy underwear to go with low rise jeans, just in case!

  9. >Yus. Sigh. Been there. Done that. And the problem with these superlow ones is i keep on feeling they are falling off. not nice.

  10. soul speaks says:

    >Hi, Same, same. Do let me know too when you get hold of one. But Meira is right, that is the right way of doing it, get a low waist, get a knee length kurti for the time being. Then keep waiting for the high rise or normal rise. 😉 . rekha

  11. WSW says:

    >You know what low rise puts on display apart from your beautiful crevice, the spare tyres which slump delightfully over the band :(yes, my dear-God knows how many years and still struggling to find a cure to low-rise.One brand which has offered some solace is Pepe.yes at the cost of salesman's eyebrows reaching the ceiling ask for mid waist 🙂

  12. Spike says:

    >high rises are good.. atleast ppl wont be mooned!

  13. >LOL….this is funny and more funny is the comments :). i don't have a 'particular' fit. I buy what looks good on me at that time and is comfy and i must confess, I've worn low waist too :)BTW, where are you. miss interacting with you…

  14. Serendipity says:

    >hahhahaha. u have to hear of this one jeans shoppign experience i had with my dad. i came out in these low (extremely) waist well fitte jeans loving them, and my dad was mortified at the fit! He had a 20 min conversation on 'why you guys dont make proper jeans anymore' with the (cute) salesman who was grinning at me. anyway i had my wy and they were bought.a few days later we were going for dinner with family and I wore the same jeans with a formal top and my dad was like 'what the hell kinda jeans are these?? who bought these go change' and my mom and I in unison said 'you!!'

  15. Iya says:

    >now, try tucked in Tees and shirts or short kurti's??this post was funny by the way

  16. >LOL 🙂 The ones I hated (and still hate) are the huge flared, (boot cut?)ones! Now that skinny jeans are readily available, I am sure medium to high waist will also become available soon 🙂 We have forgotten where the waist is 🙂

  17. Haddock says:

    >This reminds me (why do I draw parallels every time? Mea Culpa)of my room mate, long ago when faded jeans was the craze. This guy was a "square" sort of guy, no fashion, no nothing. So he went to buy a jean (finally) and when he was shown one, he asked "Yeh fade hoga kya?"The shopkeeper was in a dilemma, when every was craving about faded jeans he could make out from this guy's body language that he looked like a square. So he was wondering if he should answer Yes or No.He answered by a question :apko kaisa mangta hai ?"

  18. Shalini says:

    >Lol, I know what you mean! I'm sick of making so many choices too.

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