>One year……


…of blogging has swept by. It all seems so strange. Strange that I’ve managed to keep this up given my tendency to get bored really fast. It feels like yesterday when I started this blog. The blog has seen so many emotions, such varied posts, wildly different language styles across posts, and so many many friends. The conclusion is that it is no prize winning, award winning kind of writing; however it is a space where you may drop by, laugh a little, sigh a little, nod a little, comment a little, and go back glad that you read what I’m hoping are honest pieces of life – mine, perhaps yours too.

When I first started, I would edit and re- edit what I wrote. I would stare lovingly at every post and would head back every 2 mins to check response. Not that I don’t do that anymore. I blog with the same passion. But I think there is far more sanity. And I also think it has settled into routine..which means that it’s one of the few things that will see continuity as far as I’m concerned. It’s become a part of my life.

I look forward to posting tremendously. Every thought that I have threatens to turn into a post only to be forgotten moments later. I wish I could save each and actually pen it down. I also wish I could do this with far more regularity than I do now.

Today as I complete a year ( goodness, this sounds rather melodramatic), I think the time has come to unleash this on you. I attempted restaurant reviews on this blog and failed miserably. I’m hoping that having a separate blog will give me a sense of responsibility and I’ll be able to do justice to Mumbai Reviews. ( Truthfully? I am hoping that the blog will make money. I will have shop and restaurant owners begging me to put up their reviews and google is going to be lining up ads for the blog!!!!! With the result I will quit burning in 9-5 hell, lounge around at sea facing CCDs and decide business’ futures. yippieeee)

Happy reading and will always look forward to having you guys around.
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21 Responses to >One year……

  1. Titaxy says:

    >hey…congrats on completing a year :-)..

  2. Ramit says:

    >Good luck! Hope it makes you a lot of money. But trust me, you're better off in 9 to 5!

  3. >Congratulations & Celebrations.Reviews work but important is presentation.Cheers !!!

  4. Tara says:

    >Thats something interesting you are beginning.. all the best Mumbai Diva 🙂 ye!! for the year gone by and cheers to many more that will come..

  5. Dil se says:

    >Congratulations on completing one year !!And hey I finally found out why my comments started disappearing from your blog.I was entering the verification wrong :-)Silly me !!

  6. Deeps!! says:

    >Congrats!! happy blogoversary!! 😀

  7. D says:

    >Here's to more blogging in the coming year! Congrats!

  8. Iya says:

    >heres to many more years fo sharing life, smiles, sighs,wishes and lots more..all the best for the other blog too..

  9. Meira says:

    >Congratulations :)And now you owe me a beer in Delhi 😉

  10. Dee says:


  11. >congratulations!!! on completing a year. Hope you have many such blog anniversaries 🙂 and all the best for your new blog.

  12. >…..and i'm glad that in that one year you've been blogging I met you 🙂 and we connected and even though we're yet to meet and do all the stuff that's in a list now…..i already feel i know so much about you. Congrats….and looking forward to more and more of you…and all the best for the new blog :)..will go see it now

  13. Mumbai Diva says:

    >To all of you : Thank you sooo much for all the wishes.

  14. Dil se says:

    >tadaaa.. you have been tagged and awarded. Please hop over to collect it.

  15. Scarlett says:

    >Hey, Congratulations! I think a lot of people who get bored of things easily, such as me, have sustained at blogging over a period of time. And I can totally understand what you mean by 'every thought in your mind threatning to turn into a post, only to be forgotten moments later'. Happens to me too. All the time. Keep on blogging! 🙂

  16. DewdropDream says:

    >That is so lovely 🙂 Congratulations!

  17. >Money, huh? I thought that too but I haven't made a cent in 6 years! Not saying you can't though. But don't let that be the motivator. Cheers and many more happy years of blogging! SwB

  18. >congratulations!! and ahem, very few bloggers are able to keep up to regular blogging,.great going i say.and @ the other blog- good luck with it, now that's some idea ;)keep writing!

  19. >Congrats on completing a year.your new blog seems interesting.On a completely different but equally imp note.DID you get a pair of decent high rise jeans? if yes,WHERE? because in another part of the city is another woman searching for a decent pair of high rise NORMAL jeans,which will make her butt look fuller 🙂

  20. karmickids says:

    >I like your plan for Mumbai reviews. Maybe I should filch it for fashion and make up! 😉

  21. dipali says:

    >Congrats on your first blog anniversary. All the best for your restaurant reviews:)

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