>Once Upon A Tea Time


Aditi from here ( and a very pretty place it is too ) wrote to me wanting to post a small profile on me and my home. After I had floated down from the seventh heaven of delight on receiving her mail, I…. errr….sat on the post. My camera had conked off and there was no way I could send her pictures. I finally managed to send her some stuff from my phone camera, which unfortunately could not be used. Except for one. The photo of my bedroom windows…which I love.

Anyway, you can read the post here. Thank you, Aditi. And really sorry about the pictures.

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6 Responses to >Once Upon A Tea Time

  1. Nu says:

    >Cool ! The window oughta be the fav place ! It looks cool 🙂

  2. Aditi says:

    >Hi, glad you liked it!

  3. D says:

    >We definitely need more pics! But great going!

  4. Bedazzled says:

    >hey .. i think u shud revive that quirky store that u used to run.. thats a lovely pic of the sealink!!! and bandra is a lovely place to live in !!

  5. Dil se says:

    >Wow !! Lovely pictures. and congrats on the style profile. Looks like you have a really nice view from your house.I also read your other blog and really liked the reviews that you wrote there.

  6. Miss M says:

    >Kaeko gayab ho gaya tum? No posts?

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