>The party season


Yay!! It’s the holiday season and the time to party. And what indicates this better than the crowd at the gym. Everyone working out like mad to get into their smallest clothes. Really, the plotting and planning I had to do get a treadmill to myself is not funny. It involved zeroing in on a fat aunty and staring her down till the poor thing got off in sheer guilt and then leaping onto the treadmill and giving dirty looks to anyone who tried to stare me down.

Talking of parties, I LOVE karaoke. And I have spoken about this on my other blog…which no one is hopping across to….apart from my 2 very regular readers. It has a total readership of 192 till date. Not your fault people…I haven’t been updating it. But there is a contest there now, which you might want to check out. Anyway, so this whole karaoke thing is pretty big with my immediate circle of friends. You have no clue what a cacophony we can cook up. But it has been restricted to the few pubs, drinking holes that offer karaoke. Till this one friend called up and said she wanted to organize karaoke at home for her husband’s birthday. So the diva went into overdrive and called up everyone she knew to figure out how this would be possible. It’s actually quite simple. One gets these karaoke DVDs at Landmark, Infinity mall. Or better still, like us, you can log on to www.meragana.com and use the streaming karaoke from there. All you need is a great sound system, a fast internet connection, TV and of course your laptop. You need to register for Rs 160 tho…All I can say is that the next morning the hosts got up wondering exactly why the neighbours had not called the cops. I must say we gave them ample reason too.

Can you believe it’s the end of a year? Again? It’s happening faster with each passing year. The other night I was reading Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell (yeah the same woman who wrote Sex and the City), while hubby was watching some deeply uninteresting program on CNBC TV 18, and I turned around and announced “ I want to be rich, famous and sexy”. He turned around and without batting an eyelid said” Baby, all three?” Yup I said. All three. Ok, he said and went back to his beloved CNBC TV 18. Yeah, he knows me well, that man. The point is with each passing year I feel the need to live life even fuller.

And coming back to where I began, this month I feel the need to party really hard. You guys have a good time too. Be merry. Be with your loved ones. And I hope there is a lot of cheer, warmth and love in your lives this season.

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9 Responses to >The party season

  1. >Great!! so did you guys bring the walls down with your singing :)Don't we all want to be rich, sexy and famous. I envy the gals in Sex and the City, sometimes.

  2. Titaxy says:

    >enjoy the holiday season!!! 🙂

  3. Nu says:

    >Wishing you the same too MD 🙂 and that you become rich,famous and sexy…all 3 !! ;)Have fun !Hopping over to your other blog 🙂

  4. Serendipity says:

    >:) yay!!p.s. Im gonna be in Bandra this sunday for a while – wanna catch up? 🙂

  5. Scarlett says:

    >Hey, Merry Christmas to you & yours as well 🙂 Hope the season brings alot of happiness & cheer your way. And FYI…I read your other blog regularly 🙂

  6. D says:

    >I love karaoke nights too when I can unleash the torture of my besurey notes on all and sundry 🙂 And really, tolerant neighbours must be appreciated at such times!

  7. ani_aset says:

    >hehe "all three" may god give you all three wishes 🙂

  8. chandni says:

    >nice! so I can look forward to a lot many partying posts 😀

  9. Mili says:

    >karaoke sounds like fun. cud help me with names of such hotels where it is organized. want to try something new as a last mile effort in fulfilling at least few of my last years's 'new year's resolutions'.

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