>’No Smoking’ Kills


And why may you ask? Ok. So imagine a scenario. You are out with let’s say 4 friends. 4 friends who smoke . You are sitting at this awesome pub. Everyone’s having a rocking time. There’s food on the table, there’s drink. And there’s this really interesting conversation going on. And one of them gets up and says, hey I’m going out for a smoke, anyone want to come along. And the rest of them, yup – all of them, get up and wander outside.

So you’re sitting there. With all that food in front of you. Nodding along to the music. A minute goes by, then 2. You begin to feel slightly foolish. You also begin to feel curious about the conversation. And then your resolve weakens. And you get up and join them outside. Well atleast some of you do.

Imagine an even more gruesome scenario. You’re at the office canteen. There’s major gossip happening over who is getting bonuses this year. And one of them gets up and says ‘ acha, I need a smoke, let’s go outside”. What do you do? Oh, what do you do. You can’t sit there in the canteen, expecting them to pause the conversation till they get back. No… in fact you know that the conversation will get even more bitchy, and positively more wicked over the smokes. Will you wait there sipping your limp coffee? Nah. Maybe once, maybe twice. And then slowly your naiveté will die and so will your resolve. And the next time someone says “Let’s go for a smoke” with that meaningful ( ‘I have SO much to tell you) look, you will jump up, go out and stand and gossip. All the while shifting your position to avoid the smoke. But you can’t really avoid the smoke, can you?

Hence proved!!!!

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10 Responses to >’No Smoking’ Kills

  1. Ramit says:

    >LOL, that's funny and so true!

  2. Scarlett says:

    >Smoking is a major bonding tool among men. And oh, men bitch & gossip too…worse than women even! Women will usually say mean things when they're bitching, men say things that are insulting, derogatory & rude.

  3. Paritosh says:

    >Finally… I heard something good about us smokers :). An interesting take on smoking room conversations from an outsider.Quoting from my post on similar lines (check it out iff u want to : http://fictionandlife.blogspot.com/2009/02/much-ado-about-smoking.html) :You make frnds very fast when you smoke. I have met some of the best people of my life in the smoking zones. There is a great comaraderie between people who smoke, they form a sort of brotherhood or may be sisterhood (I have some gal frnds who smoke), hated and despised by everyone, they have a strong bond amongst them.

  4. Zeba says:

    >True. It has happened with me… in college.

  5. Nu says:

    >Hahahah…it was a light read 🙂 And so true too !

  6. Mili says:

    >its sooooo true, funny, silly but true none the less.the pub senario has actually happened with me 😛

  7. Shrutzz says:

    >You bet, just can't do without it;)I always accompany, since the best conversation is always in the smoking zone!!!!

  8. ani_aset says:

    >damn right MD ..its like my feelings written over here 🙂 its so true

  9. >@scarlett: How is 'mean' so different from insulting derogatory and rude, I'm just wondering :)@Diva: Yes, being a smoker does have it's benefits. And no, you can't really avoid the smoke! :)Merry Christmas to you too.

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