>The last couple of months.


Hey, I’ve been away. And for the life of me cannot fathom why.

I mean here’s what happened. That new job I spoke about with much gusto. Never happened. DO NOT ask me why. We will not go into the sad details. Anyway, with the consequence that I was stranded without work. Hmmm. Now ordinarily one should look at this with much glee, right? Think of the possibilities. Sitting at Café Coffee Day all day, blogging. Or better still, exploring hobbies, taking a course, figuring out alternative income opportunities….

Did I do any of those?

Nah. I moped and expended all my energies in looking for another job. In fact, looking for a job became a full time job in my case.

I thought about a lot of people who would possibly give an arm and leg for the opportunity to have a break. Work will come by eventually. Enjoy the freedom while one has it, I told myself. And then the moment of weakness would pass and I would bury myself in a job portal frantically.

And here I am again. In a cubicle. And strange when I had all the time in the world to blog, I couldn’t. And now when I’m rushed to prepare a presentation, I am.

No. I didn’t enjoy the break. I love this way, way better.

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16 Responses to >The last couple of months.

  1. >congratulations for the job :)Hope to see you blogging regularly now.

  2. I'm Nu says:

    >same case..we left our respective jobs at the same time..remember ? And boy ! I was jobless for 6 months !! Too much to bear !! And since back to work it feels damn good this way..being busy and 'manage' time to blog and all that :)Good Luck for you new job and welcome back here 🙂

  3. ani_aset says:

    >hey welcome back 🙂 got the job right..thats good good 😀

  4. WSW says:

    >Welcome back to the blog and cubicle world 🙂

  5. >You've been tagged. Oh, yeah, I've been a lurker.

  6. Scarlett says:

    >Hey Dipika! Good to have you back. I have a friend who's going through the same thing that you went through…he got so sick of his job, he quit without another offer in hand. Didn't think it would be so difficult to find another job…but he still hasn't found one. I'm glad you did 🙂

  7. A says:

    >How true…I can relate to this.You will do well good in your new job :)Just avoid too many phone calls to "he"http://arealblogger.blogspot.com/

  8. DewdropDream says:

    >It's good to have you back 🙂

  9. >Hey Diva, have lurked around ur blog before…dropping to wish u all the best in ur new job and yeahhh for coming back to the blog world!

  10. SMM says:

    >Good to have you back Dipika…welcome back to the world of deadlines & cubicles & sad bad coffee & cranky bosses & backbiting workmates 😛

  11. Shrutzz says:

    >Nice, u found a job..am still job hunting, its been 2 months and I don't like my break too :(((all the best lady!!!

  12. Priya says:

    >i can relate to this post so much…i am jobless now and not by choice…hope i get to see a similar day as yours, soonn….

  13. karmickids says:

    >Hey congrats. I'm dithering of the edge of getting back into the job market and wondering if anyone would want to hire me…

  14. The knife says:

    >Congrats on the new job.There was a line in the book 'Middleman', where the central theme was unemployment in Calcutta in the 70s, which was quite poignant. The unemployed protagonist heard his brother cribbing about his job and said that its the employed who crib about having a job.

  15. Dil se says:

    >Welcome back and congrats on the new job. Very true !! Blogging happens only when everything else is happening in life 🙂

  16. Dhana says:

    >Too late to comment on this one, but still. I was job less for about a month, and i made big plans of what i'd do when i'd quit. Nothing of it really materialized. I spent my free time meeting friends, eating out a lot and spending a lot more money. Good luck at your work place.

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