>Happy Diwali


And before you think I’ve completely lost it, let me explain. This Saturday a few friends, well fed after a huge lunch at a famous Irani restaurant, dropped in demanding tea. Now tea is not something that friends drop in demanding at the Singh household. It’s mostly drinks with far higher alcohol proportions. But ever the charming hostess, I saw opportunity in this as well. The opportunity to show off this FANCY tea set that we own. And this post is really about how we came to own this FANCY tea set.

Many years back, I was working with a company that belonged to an industry that was BOOMING. Come September and my team of two who had been around far longer than I had began to look very excited. There were far away gazes during meetings, many, many looks at the calendar, deep sighs. Err… I thought of the possibility of brand new boyfriends and being quite partial to this love thing, let the whole bad behaviour slide. Till one day one of them repeatedly ignored my question on what we were doing for lunch that day. I was very miffed and with boss like icyness said- Meeting room 2. Right now!

And in Meeting Room 2 the explanations tumbled out.

“It’s Diwali, Dipika”, they said in hushed tones. Seeing my non-comprehending look, they sighed, checked there were no eves droppers outside ( boss lashings are always the subject of much gossip and merriment) and explained.

“Gifts will come”

Me: “Huh?”

“You know the dealers, suppliers…they all bring gifts”.

Me : “Oh, those! Really, I see no reason to behave like this over a couple of boxes of chocolate.”

“Hee, hee”, they tittered. Realizing that it was useless to explain the colossal marching in of gifts that was expected, they let the matter be.

A week before Diwali, I was on the phone trying to sort out some billing issues with a printer. About 25 of us from Sales and Marketing sat together in one bay. And the door to this bay suddenly opened and a large man ably supported by a cast of about 5 marched in with large boxes and started depositing them on various desks. The receiver fell from my hand as I took in this scene of blatant show of diwali greetings. I watched mesmerized as the spectacle unfolded in front of me. And to my complete defense, I was too much in shock to refuse the large box deposited at my desk as well. And as suddenly this whole show had begun, it ended and the large man and supporting cast left, leaving behind a stupefied room.

Even my two lieutenants looked a bit shocked. “It’s never like this”, said one. “This was too blatant.” But then all was forgotten in the ensuing excitement as one overeager, young lad of 24 opened his gift to discover a FANCY tea set.

The next day all of us came in to discover a large sign at the reception.


I had to take my grief stricken team out for lunch that day to cheer them up. The FANCY tea set sat in my kitchen for all these years and finally got it’s day in the sun this Saturday. My friends loved it.
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13 Responses to >Happy Diwali

  1. karan a says:

    >Hahah.. What a story! Loyalty (for the cups, ofcourse) at its best… 😉

  2. >heheh…cute post…Another way of giving a bribe and calling it Diwali Gift…You should a photo of that TEA set, am so curious to see it now 🙂

  3. >Sounds really interesting. I demand a photo of this tea set now. Hum bhi toh dekhen kaisa hai yeh fancy tea set!!

  4. Shrutzz says:

    >heheee…..good one! Happy diwali on that note

  5. Scarlett says:

    >I bet this was Delhi! 😉

  6. Prateek Sur says:

    >awwwwwwwwwh.thats rude of ur company..neways at my household also every year gift pour in not only during deepavali but also during durga pooja, new year, christmas, easter and bengali new year as well..both my parents r bankers..and u know bankers get the maximum no of gifts..and n=having two bankers in the same home makes the fun and the gifts doubled..!!i jst luved it..but now kinda miss as am so far off from home.!!try checking out my blog and following me as am following u:www.headacheandtension.blogspot.com

  7. >okkk…now i want people to come for tea to my place…have a tea set to show off with too….

  8. >Dont you miss Delhi 😛

  9. Mumbai Diva says:

    >karan a : thank youLP: of course bribe 😉 ya i think i should post photopassionate goof: arre, it's very nice…it's very designer steel.shrutzz: happy diwali to you too ;)scarlett: ummm…yes it was :DPrateek Sur: perhaps not so rude. i don't think the company would have wanted news like this to spread. i doff my hat to your parents.dropzofjupiter : hope you have an opportunity soon 🙂

  10. Mumbai Diva says:

    >eye-in-sty-in: oh, i do, i do! for other reasons as well, of course 🙂

  11. BlueMist says:

    >never got anything other than box of mithai. pics pliss.

  12. >One of my ex client in Bombay used to be jealous of his Delhi colleagues bcoz during Diwali the Delhi office would be stocked with packages and the Bombay office just had a notice posted on its door…. 😉

  13. dipali says:

    >Oh- I read this ages ago and thought I'd commented- such a fun post!

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