>Maldives, perhaps?

>I need a holiday. Not just any holiday. But one of those ‘luxury-resort-in-maldives-where-you-lie-next-to-swimming-pool-with-a-glass-of-wine-only-to-wean-yourself-off-for-a-spa’ kind of a holiday. And you do this routine for about 3-4 days. That is all I’m asking for, is that a lot?

My current feeling of dejection, I think, also arises from the fact that my favourite pair of shoes which I wore to office EVERYDAY for the last 6 months have given way and will now have to be changed. Finding a comfortable, yet chic looking pair of heels is such a difficult task. Once upon a time I would not be caught dead in an off white ensemble and black shoes. How the mighty have fallen. Or grown old! I wore these shoes, sandals actually, everyday. They were comfortable yet stylish. Yesterday, I stared and stared at the rows of shoes at a HUGE store in a mall, tried about 50 pairs and didn’t find one that could be worn to office. When I was younger ( sigh!) I would compromise comfort for style. Not anymore. My whole perspective of a day changes if I’m wearing uncomfortable shoes. So the hunt continues.

Yesterday, a friend, who has moved to a new organization was complaining about the space crunch at work. Apparently her immediate neighbor has no concept of space. Dirty coffee mugs, pens, visiting cards and all sorts of paraphernalia keeps encroaching on to my friends work station. No amount of hinting, picking up the cups and banging them on to her table etc seems to have helped.

I had an idea. Take some double tape, I said, and stick it around your work station. Next , tear off some paper, write your name on it, colour it to look like a flag, glue it on to a toothpick. Stick many such ‘flags’ at various places on the double tape. And everytime she puts anything on your side of the border, turn around and yell BOOM, BOOM very loudly, pretending to hold a gun.!!!! Declare War, I said.

Hmm. A holiday.

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18 Responses to >Maldives, perhaps?

  1. Shilpa says:

    >Like the war idea 😀

  2. Titaxy says:

    >lol..I love the idea..might put it to use if I come across souls that don't understand boundaries 😀 will give you due credit 😛 now go on a holiday soon..have loads of fun and come back with stories to share, will ya? 😀

  3. DewdropDream says:

    >I LOVE the idea of a border and declaring war :Don an unrelated note, I once said to my (then) new boss "You don't have to throw things at me to get my attention, you know?" when he accidentally missiled me with something 😀 We sit across from each other … I think I scared him, I really ought to have thought my move … would have been fun to pelt him back now and then. Bah.

  4. Prateek Sur says:

    >i really like the flagging idea..i'll try it..often..nd abt the ladies shoes i've one golden rule..wenever i want nething from a lady i get her shoes..or better still clean and polish them for her..i did this wit mom..wenever i used to clean up her shoes polish them and keep them in front of her in the morn wen she was abt to leave she got the cue that i was onto something that needed her permission or mayb a fav from her..try checking out my blog and commenting on the posts as well..try following me jst as i'm following u.!!www.headacheandtension.blogspot.com

  5. Nu says:

    >Well,good idea of getting away from the space encroachment…if still doesn't work..why not try tit-for-tat I say 😉 let her too feel falling short of space !I agree..style can be compromised for comfort but not the other way round ! and this makes me using only one pair of sandals that are so my fav and I tend to ignore the other 5 which are lying and dying for my attention !! sigh..poor soles I say !! 😉

  6. Scarlett says:

    >What you've said about people (women 🙂 changing with age is so true! Until a couple of years ago, I'd wear different shoes to work everyday depending on my outfit. Mostly stilletoes, irrespective of the fact that I traveled in Mumbai's local trains. Now I have a couple of pairs that I stick to – pairs that have a slight heal, are chic yet comfortable. I would also always wear eye liner & earrings to work. Now I don't even bother with that on most days. A dash of kajal, lip gloss and I'm out the door!I want to get my earlier self back (this getting older business scares me no end, really!) but the impetus doesn't come from within. Sigh!And you're right – it's such a challenge to find a chic yet comfortable pair of shoes for everyday office wear! You'd think given the number of shoe stores around us, it would be a piece of cake. But every store is busy peddling sky-high heels or blingy wedding sandals.

  7. Iya says:

    >did the right person read this post, and then did he surprise you with the tics and reservation?? if not, thne drop more hints i say

  8. Shrutzz says:

    >How much I need this vacation :)Nice to hear all the office stories, miss those days..

  9. A says:

    >USA is an option. Let me know. My wife will be happy to have someone from Mumbai.

  10. SMM says:

    >Tell me about finding comfy good looking shoes for work. I have precisely two pairs of comfy good looking shoes for work and I actually mourn when I finally wear them out. Why don't they make comfy good-looking shoes for office wear without crappy rhinestones and uncomfortable pencil/ kitten heels? They need to do a day of running around in court, getting foot stamped on by 20 ppl, running b/w courts and a walking around in office and go out after work one day to know what kind of shoes are needed. Try checking out Inc 5. They heve some decent stuff.And go for the holiday. Im taking two next month. Courtesy court vacations. And my birthday. I llllove June 🙂

  11. dipali says:

    >i protest even if the spouse unfolds the newspaper onto my side of the bed!So the warfare idea is cool. Hope you get some comfy shoes soon, and a holiday:)

  12. >Hey Dipika !!Love the border and declaring war idea !! Wat an idea madam ji ;)Hope that you get a great pair of comfortable shoes and a relaxing holiday. PS : Maldives is simply beautiful. I visited maldives for my honeymoon, and it was pure bliss ;).Cheers,Sunita Nayak Sharma

  13. The knife says:

    >I am weighing the options of a possible holiday and having to mark my territory

  14. >Sigh. Yes, style does go up the wall after a point no? I might contemplate bedroom slippers in a few years i am thinking

  15. ani_aset says:

    >hahah superb idea 🙂 my neighbour too does the same. I shall use this idea hmm 😀

  16. su says:

    >"My whole perspective of a day changes if I’m wearing uncomfortable shoes." so true !I've dragged along my faithful pair for six months longer than I should have simply because I cant find anything that is smart and comfortable. My only solution now is to go to a cobbler 9come to think if it – there aren't ANY around these days)

  17. Shalini says:

    >Nodding my head while reading your post… there was a time I owned over 30 pairs of shoes and suddenly one day I landed buying this pair of Woodland sandals and AM in LOVE with them and refuse to wear anything else. So Much So, I went to the market and didn't just want to buy another pair everything else seemed just so uncomfortable !! Am I growing old ???

  18. braindrain says:

    >I want that holiday too! ;)Thanks dipika for encouraging me to blog! me lovin it..esp since im doin it anonymously! its thrilling! hehehePS: im sure u can guess who this is ;)hint: we didnt have too many 'cat'fights! 😛

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