>I LOVE Saturdays. Who doesn’t? Those who work on Saturdays, of course!

My previous workplace used to be open on Saturdays. It was a ridiculous waste of time. I used to drag myself out of bed, throw on some god awful casual clothes, get to office bleary eyed, play mah jong online till I was even more bleary eyed, indulge in killer gossip, order some random biryani along with some colleagues, eat that and leave. ZERO productivity unless you count the success of intense planning and coordination with all friends to fix a plan for the evening. It also meant that I was unable to get any personal work done AND was amazingly tired on Sunday which was unfortunately the only day left to catch up on sleep, buy veggies, organize the house and nurse a hangover!!

I (and most other sane people on this planet) have always felt that you need 2 days off for any kind of rest and repair. And yet a whole bunch of organizations in India refuse to accept this basic reality. I used to feel a chronic tiredness, was forever thinking about work and had a completely disorganized house. Not a very happy situation especially so for most working women.

My current workplace follows a 5 day week. And am I happy or what!

My Saturday is devoted solely to parlour and spa sessions, extended time spent in the gym, shopping for the house, leisurely coffees/lunches and heart to heart with my maid on corners that are not being cleaned ( I don’t even get to see her on weekdays, we chat on the phone!!) That leaves my Sundays free for sleeping late, catching up with friends and good, quality time spent with the hubby as well.

I just feel so much more stress free and so much more rested. I have far more energy, I come up with far more creative ideas at work and I’m just so much happier.

And on this happy note, I will apologize to all ye good people who have been leaving behind comments without any response whatsoever from my end. Trust me, I love your comments. It’s just that I have not been getting any time to respond to them. Yup, inspite of the ‘off Saturdays’. Too much spa and retail therapy, I tell ya. Please keep the comments coming. I will try and respond. Promise.

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11 Responses to >Saturdays

  1. Nu says:

    >good going girl 🙂 Let's see if you keep your promise this time ;)have fun !and hows work on 5 days?

  2. The knife says:

    >The best thing about Saturday is Sunday 🙂

  3. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Nu: haha! see? comment responding. no but seriously, i try very hard but this just seems to go for a toss. work is good. I'm glad i found this place. what about you?the knife: i KNOW. the fact that life can continue to be leisurely the next day…bliss!

  4. The Bald Guy says:

    >Haven't seen you online for some time now. How's it going?2 days off a week? Sigh.Need I say more?

  5. Mumbai Diva says:

    >the bald guy : yup. havent been around much. the funny thing is this co. declared sat offs a week before i joined !! how lucky is that.

  6. The Bald Guy says:

    >Envy you. And here I am moving from a 5 day to a 6 day. Crap!

  7. Prateek Sur says:

    >i have college five days a week and i hope so i get a job where they give the full weekend as holiday..i wont be able to stand it otherwise..try checking out my blog and commenting on the posts..am following u and hoping that someday u'll return the favour..!!www.headacheandtension.blogspot.com

  8. The Bride says:

    >Once you get used to a 5-day week, you'll want a 4-day one. My husband has a 5-day week AND one day work-from-home. Jealousy-inducing!

  9. Prathima says:

    >Its nice to read about spa and massages. When in India, my Saturdays were reserved for oil massage:( miss it here..

  10. Dhana says:

    >I used to have have a 5 day week plus weekends kinda work place. Luckily i moved to a strict 5 day week. Love my current work, but i also miss those weekends of fun and lots of eating out and shopping with work friends. 🙂

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