>foot in mouth

>Given that I have spoken at length about my spa excursions, I must tell you about this one experience which was ..ummm..interesting.

I frequent this place called Shen Reflexology. You must too if you live in Mumbai. It’s pretty awesome and most importantly it’s the most reasonably priced place in all of Bandra without compromising on the décor or service. A one hour foot refloxogy would cost anywhere between 900-1100 at the other ‘thai’ places. Here a one hour would set you back by Rs 600/-. Much as I like my foot reflexologies, I am averse to squandering hard earned money too. So Shen is where I go.

Now, it’s a small place and the front desk is actually outside, covered area but well…outside the main room. It is manned by this really sweet girl. And everytime I speak with her to book an appointment, or when I’m making the payment I’m struck by the graciousness of the girl. She’s very helpful, will skillfully manage seating and is extremely polite. So the last time I was there, I was feeling a little bad about her being sitting out there the entire day come rain come sun. I also flirted with the idea of finding out if she’d like a corporate job. We are looking for a co-coordinator for my team and she could well…be evaluated.

So while she was processing my payment, I decided to broach the topic casually. Given that I was also pretty impressed with the payment structure my first question was a casual ‘ so who owns this place?’ Imagine my shock when she turned around and said ‘ I do’. I think my expression pretty much mirrored the shock. I hastily covered up by saying I really liked the prices etc. Imagine if I’d asked her…so, would you evaluate a 9-5 job? I shudder.

The point is I’m very impressed with her. You see, I tried my own retail thing once. I don’t know whether I did it well. While there was hard work, basics in terms of location and scale were lacking. This girl on the other hand has got her basics right. She’s got the right location, the right people and most importantly the right attitude.

Shen refloxogy is at Bandra, in the lane opp Mini Punjab. You can contact them at 26055578.

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7 Responses to >foot in mouth

  1. Nu says:

    >2 posts in a row and replies to comments ?? Not bad…the new job sure is keeping the Diva happy it seems 😉

  2. A says:

    >Not many posts from you. I read it few days back. I don't live in Bombay.Though we are from Delhi, we went to Bombay for tourism and just loved it. Bombay is better than Delhi in several aspect including treatment of females.Liked your post.

  3. Iya says:

    >come to singapore..this place is full of spas!

  4. shakti says:

    >Hi MD,your blog is cool, i enjoyed visiting here, then what hap to ur statement disappearing act from blog? again u vanished since aug, come back yaar! so u r from north basically??i loved the comment on sharukh movies and ur list when he travels very much! to be frank i went to loo and laughed ya, so gud

  5. Dhana says:

    >I went to Rudra Spa the other day. We actually got some free coupons from work and decided to put the coupon to good use. And boy, the therapist was good. Its a lil bit on the higher side, but im sure u'll come out feeling damn good.

  6. Deepak says:

    >I was in Mumbai for three weeks, couldn't bear it. There is so much of suffering, poverty, stark/naked realities in front of you. You need to have a strong heart to survive there. The traffic signals could just bring my heart into mouth. I came back to Pune, I hope one day I'll grow up enough for the maximum city !!!!!

  7. Linhy says:

    >Interesting blog and thoughts you got going on there!! Check out my blog sometimes when you get a chance. If you like my writing and what’s on there become my follower!http://lifemadness-linhy.blogspot.com

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