>Some Questions

>Why do we have liftmen?

I mean, I know unemployment and all…and we should all be very happy that there is some work for some people, but really I would be happier if we had people employed on intersections like the one at Andheri- Versova on the Western Expressway to control traffic because clearly the cops have given up. The mess is not so amusing to watch when you are stuck in that very mess yourself.

But coming back to the original point. I went to a swank building where I actually had 3 separate meetings on 3 separate floors. Also I went to a wrong floor once for 1meeting. So calculate how many times that means entering and getting out of the lift. Yes, so by the end of it, I nearly felt obliged to invite the liftman to my new year party, where I am sure half the people present I would have known exactly the same amount of time as I have known this poor liftman.

Imagine the life. Up and down all day in that closeted space. Why? Are we so lazy that we cannot press the button of the floor that we are headed to? And the swankier the building, the richer the organization and more the loathing for pressing their own lift buttons. Really. Disgusting. It’s even worse than the ‘driver gaadi laana’. That I can still understand. With the parking conditions as they are it helps to have a poor driver waiting somewhere, driving around till you finish your shopping/lunch/meeting. What the heck, ‘driver gaadi laana’ even I would like to indulge in. But this ’3rd floor/4th floor’ business I can do without.

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8 Responses to >Some Questions

  1. Scribbler says:

    >it's not about people being lazy..trust even the people conducting meetings in those swanky buildings are unaware of the lift operations…go to any malls..half of them..no make that most of them…will not know which button to press according to which floor they have reach…liftmen-trained ones are a great help for such people and for those who know the operations but are bugged because those who can't operate and hence fuss around the buttons…

  2. Iya says:

    >hello, hibernating miss.. glad to see u post. as for liftmen, ditto, i feel the same and have wondered too..

  3. Mumbai Diva says:

    >scribbler : okkkkkkkk. i didn't know they were so complicated in some buildings.Iya: Hiiiiiii. just updated myself on your blog. glad to see you r settling as far as singapore is concerned. am guilty. was there in october. should have gotten in touch but with anniversary celebrations and all there it just didn't happen…you know :). But loved clarke quay.

  4. The knife says:

    >and what about guys there to take the money and hand it into the tool booth at the sea link where there is another guy doling out cash

  5. Smita says:

    >I guess since cheap labour is so easily available in India that we have started taking hings for granted!!!

  6. Mumbai Diva says:

    >the knife: yup. them too. why can't we have smart cards? atleast for the regular travelers. at the delhi-gurgaon expressway, we had a couple of lanes for cars with smart cards. it had to be stuck on the windshield, behind the rear view mirror. it could be read by a machine and the gate would open automatically. nice.smita: i agree.

  7. Scribbler says:

    >haha no the lifts are not complicated…people are 😉 they don't know how to manage a simple operation like lift 😀

  8. dipali says:

    >I'm with you on this- I live in a five floor building, with two lifts, and we have this very very irritating liftman who will keep the lift doors open for you from the minute he hears the car entering the compound, and the door alarm keeps beeping. Seems so unnecessary- how hard is it to operate a lift when there are only five floors anyway?He's only there from nine to five, which is a relief. Someone has obviously granted him this useless job.

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