>Just Stuff…..

>What a week it’s been. And this is probably the longest Friday of my life. I cannot wait for it to end. I can’t decide whether I want to end it with a quiet dinner to lick my wounds from the week gone by or drown myself in drunken revelry and just block everything out.

I am very impulsive. While this manifests itself in mails and outbursts that are regretted later, it’s most reflected in my use of the phone camera.

It’s quite hilarious really. I whip out my phone and furiously take pictures when something annoys me. It happens mostly when I’m stuck in a jam and I see people coming from the wrong side, or people jumping signals. The whole idea is to scare the guy in the wrong. Like there is the stretch close to home, near the Lilavati hospital where there is a traffic snarl everyday between 7 and 9 pm. To avoid the snarl, a lot of idiotic people take the wrong lane and then try to enter into the right one closer to the signal. Firstly, its unsafe. For them as well as on coming traffic. Secondly it’s not fair. I spend 30 mins reaching that intersection, you cruise in from the wrong side and enter before me into the lane in all of 30 seconds. So if there is a car near me trying to cut in from the wrong side here is what I do…firstly fight to get in front of the car and block his way, and then stop for a good half a minute to irritate him, glare, and then whip out my phone and take shots of his number plate. Mostly the guy never bothers to react.

My hubby thinks it’s ridiculous. The guy probably does not even know you’re trying to psych him. And what are you going to do with those pictures anyway?, he asks. Which is true. I land up deleting most of them. Maybe I could start a site. Send me pictures of what you see wrong in the city and I’ll post them there. Only I’ll never be regular. And the photos will languish in my mail box. Maybe a phone co could start that. Or a newspaper. That would be fun.

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5 Responses to >Just Stuff…..

  1. Scribbler says:

    >I think that's a fab idea…fun as well a little scare for people who break rules !I always feel people who rush past breaking the traffic rules that their wife/girl friend is being taken away by their enemies [have put it in a subtle way here ;)]..and hence they are in a rush to save them.. 😀 Silly I know but that's how I calm down myself !!! grrrrrrrr

  2. The Bald Guy says:

    >Dude! Dudette! Whatever…A picture blog of traffic offenders! 😮

  3. Ann Dee says:

    >…as long as it doesn't backfire and the culprits get too fond of getting clicked 😉

  4. Soulmate says:

    >what a fabulous idea it is, to click the pictures of their number plates.. I am surely going to try this whenever I catch a person entering into a wrong lane.. They may get scared, even if it is for a moment…

  5. dipali says:

    >Hope you manage to scare somebody!!!

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