>I’m kinda bored with this blog.

I haven’t updated for ages. Initially I would at least have half written posts lying around. Now I don’t even have those. I just keep twisting my brains up on what to write about and can’t come up with a single decent answer.

Some soul searching later I’ve realized that, for me, it is impossible to continue being the subject for ever. Some people manage it so beautifully, finding little nuggets of life’s slices that they put forth day after day and I admire that. For me, it’s become boring. So while I look at life and still find interesting pieces, and trust me right now life is very interesting, I’m unable to put it down as a post because the subject is still my life…atleast my point of view on something, an experience, a conversation heard, a sight seen.

I need a new subject. I did find one some time back and started another blog on that but it petered out. The subject was MUMBAI. And all it has to offer. But keeping myself motivated for two blogs was rather too much. And let’s not even go into the time juggling that required, along with a regular job breathing down my neck too!!

Some more soul searching later, I came up with an idea. I am the group concierge. As in EVERYONE I know calls me up when they need help with this city. “I need a place for a romantic dinner for two and pleeeease suggest something offbeat”, “anyplace on the beach which is non noisy, chilled out and offers awesome drinks?”, “where can I get my daughter’s ears pierced?”, “ hey, my family is coming over from Delhi, can you suggest a touristy itinerary for them?”

Whew! Every Wednesday, every weekend, Dipika puts together plans for friends. Now she is also putting together plans for friends’ friends. Heck, Dipika should charge for this.

So here’s the deal. THIS blog combines itself with the OTHER blog and turns into a blog on Mumbai. My views on Mumbai. And I’m much happier with this solution. So my views, my advice, my suggestions …on how to maximize your experiences of this city. I’m not an expert. After all, I’ve lived here only 4 years. But those 4 years have been spent exploring and eventually falling in love with this city. I think it’s worth sharing the gyaan gathered.

So look out for a new, maybe improved, Mumbai Diva 🙂

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7 Responses to >Change

  1. Shrutzz says:

    >hey Hi!!Am planning to visit Mumbai ( first timer, always has been a stop over destination for me) . Need to come for food and shopping exclusively and will definetely need to your help here:) I will write to you when I plan! I will want you to direct me to the best places to shop like how a pucca mumbaikar wud do

  2. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Shrutzz: You're most welcome 🙂 I love dispensing advice on where to shop and trust me there's more to Mumbai than Bombay Store, Colaba Causeway and Linking Road.

  3. >I always wanted to make a blog on mumbai but never really got enough ideas to make one well I am happy that u are going to do that! I am gonna follow ur blog like a maniac. And btw shopping places other than colaba causeway linking rd fashion street and hill rd and lokhandwala.. Know any other place excluding these? I am bored of shopping and the same places and any nice food places?? Please suggest! U can also email me that will be convenient. Poojamahimkar@gmail.com

  4. The knife says:

    >great to see you back…Mumbai will be richer 🙂

  5. chandni says:

    >wo sab theek hai but keep giving updates on life too as u go along!

  6. Iya says:

    >anything to get u back to blogging.

  7. >Good to see you back! I can't wait to find out more about Bombay (apart from the Bombay Store, Colaba Causeway and Linking Road):). Good luck!

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