>At Sea

>In the waters lapping at the Gateway of India are anchored some of Mumbai’s snazziest private boats and yachts.

And navigating among these are simple boats that will take you for a 45-60 min ride out to the sea. We discovered these quite by accident. None of our uber cool Mumbai resident friends thought we would be interested in this!! They forgot how fascinated natives of landlocked cities get by the sea.

We LOVED it. So will you if you’re visiting or have moved in from a non-port city.

Here are the downsides

1. It’s not a very professionally run show so do expect lots of shoving, pushing etc. The guys running the outfit would like to put in as many trips as possible in order to make the max money. That results in them hurrying you into the boat.

2. Getting on to the boat itself is an adventure coz it rocks so.

3. Some people may look down on you when you announce that you went for the Gateway ferry ride. Bah!

Here are the upsides

1. It’s one of the few the things that Mumbai has to offer by way of enjoying it’s status as a waterfront city ( apart from Juhu beach of course).

2. It’s breezy, takes you away from the madness of the city.

3. It’s a fun, cheap thing to do on an evening when you have zero plans.

4. The view when you look back towards the city is awesome. Especially the Taj Mahal hotel.

The trick, really, is to pay 5 bucks extra and move up to the upper deck. That’s where the fun really is. Try it. Sometime. And do let me know whether you liked it.

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3 Responses to >At Sea

  1. A says:

    >Deepika,I lived in Sydney for a couple of years and love the boat rides. Also most people who have been living in Sydney cannot imagine living at a non port city. They love the water, boats, water sports too much. Also I noticed the same attitude of people living on sea here in the USA. Most people just love to be on the sea.I do not know much about people of Mumbai. I was in Mumbai last summer and I saw so many people on Marine drive (all were locals) enjoying sea….also my local Mumbai friends seem to love sea.

  2. The knife says:

    >Have some lovely memories of the sea and the ferries when i came here from from calcutta. Then I became a local

  3. phatichar says:

    >Hmmm..that was informative.. 🙂 will keep it in mind the next time I go sailing.

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