>Bade Miya – It’s all about the timing


Yes, this tiny, literally hole- in- the- wall outfit is one of Mumbai’s biggest institutions. Big enough to have filed a case on a so called copy cat in the suburbs.

Bade Miya is situated in Colaba in a tiny street behind Taj Mahal Hotel and serves assorted Non Veg rolls, dishes and the very famous baida roti, an Indian maida roti stuffed with mutton mince and egg. (They do have a veg extention as well).

However, this post is not about the food that Bade Miya serves. Personally, I can’t say that I’m too thrilled about the food( I say this at the risk of upsetting a whole lot of Mumbaites). Bade Miya’s USP is clearly the time at which it serves the food. It is open almost all night till 4 am.

So if you’ve been partying hard, and emerge happy and hungry, and don’t want to blow more money on a 5 star coffee shop, which probably will be your only other option for grub at that time of the night, you can head to Bade Miya.

Incidentally, for post partying food at night, or if you have friends over and as the night progresses, feel you are going to (god forbid) fall short of food here are a couple of places that you can order from. They are both in the Bandra- Khar area though.

U Turn: open all night : 26460441

Sheetal Kebabs: (open till about 1.30): 26497938

Do you know of more such places that make food available till late at night?

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3 Responses to >Bade Miya – It’s all about the timing

  1. The knife says:

    >Bade Miya is seriously over rated. Went there when I was new to Mumbai years back. The food sucked. Specially the chewy sheekhs. And it was not cheap either

  2. Iya says:

    >Aman has told me a few very interesting after party escapades at Bade Miyan – must visit when next in mumbai, which might be this october. Fingers crossed!

  3. Mumbai Diva says:

    >The Knife : so true. Iya: oooh! we should meet.

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