Part 2 of your visit to Mumbai

Bandra is an experience.  While it has its seafaces, churches, and other great tourist spots…ahem SRK and other star houses included, you may be quite appalled at the traffic and the general sense of chaos that prevails here. But….

 When we first moved to Mumbai, Bandra was not our choice of residence. We had made a decision based on rentals and commute time to stay elsewhere. But as I slowly grew to know the place, I realized,  that I was spending most of my leisure time there. And then, as luck would have happened, my office moved to another part of the city and we were forced to move. The first morning in the suburb, we woke up to a house full of unpacking to do, decided to arm ourselves with some breakfast first and stepped out to what was earlier called Just around the Corner ( now the much maligned – Eat around the corner).We took a longish route from Carter Road to reach the place and I felt I was at a beach resort. And my love or Bandra has never looked back since. Living in Bandra is like coming back to a beach resort every night.

Shopping in Bandra primarily means the much talked about Linking Road where street fashion and high street brands co exist peacefully. But I’m sure if you’re going to shop in Mumbai, it won’t be for a pair of Levi’s Jeans or an Espirit bag.

I would encourage you to visit some excellent one off retail outlets which stock young, niche talent. The stuff will be off beat yet wearable…even to work.

Here is a list of some places you can visit:

Taxxi and Vitamin K : It’s an all time fav with me. They have pretty dresses and tops and if you have the moolah pick up their awesome laptop bags. You’ll love it if you crave to wear ‘different’ stuff from what other people are wearing even to work. 022-65229200

MalMal: A wee bit on the steep side but stocked with treasures. Again, awesome dresses. Till date, I’ve bought only 1 dress from this place but it is a pleasure to window shop here. 022-26041986

Waterfield Road: This road is a mine field of small shops that err..import..their clothes from Bangkok and all the sundry other sasta places. Some of them stock some really fancy stuff.  In fact all over Bandra, are such places where you’ll get hip party wear. You’ll have to sift through the merchandise a bit. And you’ll also have to be really slim to fit into most of them 😦 Try Reizz and the shops next to it.

Sole to Soul: It’s a shoe shop on Linking road. They have great designs and are very reasonably priced. They are my go-to shop for evening/casual wear.

Attic: The store is a mix of designer and eclectic clothes and accessories. Steep. Dresses would be in the range of 2.5K and upwards. 022-32169292

OMO ( On My Own): It hasn’t got a very large range but the prices are delish and they are great for funky ear and neck pcs. 022-66881804

How many of these places you are able to visit really depends on how much time you have…..Bandra is not very large so covering all of these places should not take you too long. But do try and fit in a quick trip to the famous Bandstand. Go up to the church. It’s beautiful. Also recommended would be a quick drive down Carter road. You could stop for a coffee at CCD on Carter road. After all that rushing around, you’ll feel like you’re actually on a holiday, what with the palm trees, the sea and the lazy, lazy breeze.

The other recommended place to hang out for a coffee would be Theobroma. It’s got a nice buzz to it.

There, that’s your day in Mumbai. Of course, you can get in touch with me too for any other help 🙂


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One Response to Part 2 of your visit to Mumbai

  1. Scarlett says:

    I’d add Cottons to this list. They have cute tops & skirts and their salwar-kameezes are pretty too.

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