Lessons in conversation

Yesterday was hubby-makes-vegetable-stew-for –dinner day. It’s our new twice a week healthy eating thing. So I came back from the gym, took a shower, and bounded into the kitchen to catch him peacefully chopping veggies. There I was all overflowing with endorphins, feeling happy so I decided to share my kick ass new blog post idea.

“It’s about, you know, how to make sure your hubby is listening to you!” I said, grinning, and got a raised eyebrow in return.

“How?” he asked.

“Well it’s rather simple really. Instead of opening a sentence with – ‘Listen, we need to talk’, open it with something that really interests them. I even thought of a nice example.”

“Which is?”

“Gadgets!!! Never say ‘Listen we need to talk. I need you to help me pay my credit card bill this month’. Instead say ‘That new Samsung mobile with those great apps is available at Croma for 30,000 bucks. Umm, which reminds me my credit card bill is in the same range. Can you please help me pay it this month!”

I grinned again, much amused at the thought. A few more peaceful and happy minutes of cooking later, hubby turned around and said.

“Listen to this.

 There was this seller of caps. Very tired, one afternoon, he deposited his caps next to him under a tree, and decided to take a little nap. When he woke up, all the caps were gone. Angry and frustrated, he took the lone cap on his head and threw it on the ground. Immediately, a shower of caps came down near him. Why?”

“Monkeys. Obviously. That’s not even funny.”

“There’s more. Many years later, the son grew up and got into the same business. One day, he too was resting under a tree and woke up to discover all the caps gone. But his father had told him the secret. He got up and cheerfully threw his cap on the ground. One lone cap came and landed next to him. It was followed by a grinning monkey who came up to him and said. What? Only you have a father that hands downs secrets? HAH!”

I laughed. Funny.

“Moral of the story?” he asked.

I was nonplussed. “I dunno”

He laughed. “A hubby may be an idiot once to be taken in by all this gadget nonsense, it’s not going to work on him again and again.”


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9 Responses to Lessons in conversation

  1. BlueMist says:

    ROFL. 😆
    Any ideas to start conversations for a hubby who does not like ay gadgets ? 😛

  2. vicissitudes says:

    Any concerns this thread might perpetuate some unhealthy & outdated stereotypes about the sugardaddy-provider-high-earning-hubby and needy-manipulative-can’tsupporthershoppinghabits-desi-wifey?

    • dipikasingh says:

      Ooooh! will that make my blog famous?

      by the way, why desi? isn’t that a stereotype?

      • vicissitudes says:

        Exactly, why extend tired national and gender stereotypes? Can these hurt a woman’s role by making her appear petty (and a man by losing him the opportunity to treat her as more than a cost center), or is it just light-hearted banter that never hurt anyone? 🙂 I’m honestly curious and not sure of the answer.

      • dipikasingh says:

        lighten up 🙂 . it’s a blog. it’s just a funny record of a conversation between me and my husband. everything is not about a national/bloggers’ debate on stereotypes.

  3. Phoenixritu says:

    And all hail your hubby! This is the first recorded conversation where the hubby had the final word 😀

  4. Scribby says:

    I agree with Ritu here 🙂 had a hearty laugh reading through 😀

  5. dipali says:

    Clever hubby!!!!!!

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