An invite

On Saturday, an invite for a restaurant launch on Sunday landed in my inbox courtesy this blog. 2 restaurants actually. Spaghetti Kitchen and Copper Chimney. At Khar. On top of the Toyota Showroom opposite Gabbana. Much excited, I decided popping in would be a sure better way to spend the evening than lolling around watching TV and ordering in as we do most Sundays.

We went. We do like the food at both these places barring one over salted experience. And boy was it worth it. Drool. Though I must admit, the hubby and I drooled over quite different objects.


Nalli Nihari – one of his favourite dishes


Ranveer Singh

We were quite overwhelmed by all the starry presence. Atleast I was. Hubby was overwhelmed by how soft the seekh kebabs were at Copper Chimney! Given the launch, I must say the chefs had outdone themselves. I did spot a couple of other bloggers and managed to even speak to one. All in all it was fun. Though I’m still a little bemused by the fact that this blog landed me an invite.

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2 Responses to An invite

  1. Iya says:

    u are a celeb now!!

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