The Entertainment Factor

Illness. Shifting houses. Lack of internet at home. Work. Results in no blog updates. And France in any case is a distant dream. I look at the photographs and wonder if I really went there. In fact I’m ready for another holiday. Even if it’s 2 days to Goa.


Yes, but there is a bright, shining star in this darkness of gloom that permeates. 


It. Is. Called. Bigg. Boss.  



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2 Responses to The Entertainment Factor

  1. Orion says:

    You are really serious about Big Boss being the shining star!? I’d take a flu infested runny nose over it any day – at least, the sneezing keeps me safe from brain freeze.

    • dipikasingh says:

      yes i am. unabashedly. i find it far more entertaining than a whole lot of stuff on television. and mind numbing entertainment at the end of the day is really welcome.

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